When you participate in a trade show event to market your business, every single detail is crucial for the design of the display. Many first time exhibitors usually make some mistakes that automatically lower the engagement from the attendees. The whole point of going to the trade show is to promote your products and services, therefore there are some design tips you should consider for your trade show booth.

1. Ensure the Branding is on Point

No matter the size of your display, you want to ensure that you brand everything. Consistency is paramount for the whole booth. Even all the portable displays you might utilize in other areas of the trade show need to be consistent. Think about the various objects you are going to display or use at the event, ensure everything is branded well. The theme of your brand should maintain consistency across all your materials from the images and logos to the giveaways you plan to give to the visitors.

2. Be Clear About What Your Business Does

Many of the attendees that come to your booth might not know anything about your company, particularly if it is not renowned around the globe like Apple or Microsoft. As a result, you should state clearly why people should care about your business. A great way to accomplish this is by having a banner that details what you do. This might not seem very smart in terms of the overall design, but it can be effective in generating customer engagement at such an event. When you state clearly what your brand does, you will only get the people that genuinely want to learn more.

3. Try to Be Unique

Standing out from the rest is necessary because many other companies will also have a booth at the show. An ideal way to attain this is by using bold, strong colors for your trade show booth. In many situations, businesses opt for quiet colors like white, blue and grey. If most of the booths at the event are branded in such colors and you decide to be unique by using orange, attendees will take notice. But all the same, you need to take branding into consideration.

4. Take a Chill Pill

Industry trade shows can be really boring and repetitive. Attendees view the same things over and over again and there are no exciting things to see. Trade show events give a great opportunity for you to try and promote your brand, so why not do your best to show that your brand is fun rather than too serious. Think about it, is it the booth with just one person with a laptop, or the booth with a fun virtual reality game that stands out? Turning your product into an exciting game is something you should consider, because it can enhance customer engagement at the trade show.

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