A dog kennel boarding business is perhaps one of the fastest-growing segments of the pet industry that has experienced a considerable amount of growth and development.

Needless to say, the dog boarding service has emerged as the key aspect of this growth. This is why, now is the perfect time to get on board and start a lucrative dog boarding business!

Mentioned below are few tips that’ll help you understand how to go on about it. Read along to see what they are!

Get the necessary experience

If you plan to set up and run a successful boarding kennel business, you should get the relevant experience by working in an established venture first . Also, you must have a good understanding of animal health and behaviour and you should also know everything possible about facility maintenance!

If you’re not very adept with this, you should employ individuals who are qualified for this job and possess the necessary skills.

You should have prior experience as a dog walker, veterinary technician, animal shelter volunteer or pet sitter as this is what will make your business successful. If need be, you can study animal behaviour and get the necessary qualifications.

Consider Important Business Matters

Before you set up and run your boarding facility, you must take important business and legal matters into consideration. First off, you should have a word with your lawyer or your accountant regarding the pros and cons of setting up your business as a sole proprietor, limited liability or as another business entity.

You should also get in touch with your local government to look for any regulations related to zoning and find out about any license or permit that will be required to run the business lawfully.

Moreover, ensure to take liability insurance cover, write up official boarding contracts that clients can sign and institute a protocol for emergency veterinary cases if any pet has a medical emergency.

Find The Perfect Facility

You will have to construct a facility from the ground up if the existing boarding kennel or something similar is not available in the market for purchase. It goes without saying that the location counts for a lot. That’s mainly because if your facility is situated close to the airport or a populated area, chances of you getting a good volume of business increases considerably. Kennel facilities usually house a variety of cages, large playgrounds for dogs to run around, interact and exercise.

These days, kennel facilities need to have proper temperatures maintained so the air conditioners and radiators have to be serviced and maintained regularly. The enclosures have to be cleaned thoroughly.

Get Skilled and Experienced Employees Onboard

Many boarding kennel establishments have several employees onboard. If your setup is on a large scale, it will need to have kennel attendants stationed, with a kennel manager in charge, a receptionist and service providers like dog trainers and groomers as well.

Small scale boarding kennels will have comparatively fewer attendants. Irrespective of how big or small your business setup is, it is crucial that all employees have experience working with animals, keeping tabs on their medication and providing general routine care.

Majority kennels tend to offer round the clock supervision for pet animals. So ensure that your facility is sufficiently staffed to continue providing this service.

Specify What Your Services Include

Majority of  the kennel boarding businesses primarily host facilities for both cats and dogs. Cats of course, will be kept well away from the dog area in a separate room. Some kennels also have space to house small animals and birds.

You can offer a range of services like obedience training, bathing, grooming with heavy duty animal hair cutting machine and much more. You can also sell pet toys and food from your facility.

Most kennels also offer doggie daycare services where pet parents drop their dogs off in the morning and pick them up later in the evening.

Advertise Your Facility

There are several ways in which you can advertise your kennel boarding business. You can do this the traditional way by advertising in the magazine and newspapers, phone books, vehicle wraps, and more. You can resort to web pages, social media platforms, mass mails and through local media coverage as well.

It will be a smart move to leave business cards and flyers at veterinary clinics, dog parks, pet supply stores, office buildings, supermarkets and other areas where pet parents are likely to see it!

As is the case with every new setup, your kennel boarding business will also require extensive efforts in the initial stage to take root. But once that’s done and if you’ve advertised  yourself well, there’s nothing to stop you from being successful!

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