I am a realtor and realty is my business. I am good at what I do. I do have my own limitations as a small business owner. I was struggling to do everything by myself. I was more of a one-man operation. I believe in multitasking but that too has its limits. I will be able to stretch myself only to a certain extent. One of the things that was suffering because of my nature of operations is client calls. Many of my clients were not able to reach me and because of that I could see that I was losing many precious leads. Despite being good at what I do, I am unable to get the expected results.

I wanted to hire a real estate answering service to take care of my answering needs. Luck was in my favor I should say… because I found this company without much difficulty. I signed up with them because they enjoyed very good reputation. Initially, it was an equal gamble to work with any company. I had to any way take chances. By selecting this company I had kept my risks to the minimum because they had some good ratings and reviews. I had in fact made the right choice in selecting this company because they did not let me down. I like working with this group of professional answering service.

Right from day one, they were very impressive. Whether it is responding to mails or answering my calls everything was done very professionally. I was sure that my customers would also be experiencing the same. It is not all that easy to find such dependable answering services. Everyone makes great promises in the industry but these guys did not stop with making great promises but went all the way to meeting their promises. I like working with companies that deliver on their promises because that is when I get value for money.

I referred this answering service to one of my friends who was looking for plumber answering service and my friend is also equally happy. I do not normally refer any service to my friends for the fear that they would let me down. However, that was not the case with this company. I did not have any hesitation to refer this company to others. I did not even think twice before referring this company to my friend.

It is all good so far and I am thankful to this company because they have made my life so easy. Their service plans work well for me. I will continue to use their service and will be scaling up the number of agents. I like their flexibility, I could scale up or down any time. There are no long term contracts and the plans are very affordably priced. As far as I am concerned, the best setup and it works for me. I have now enough time to focus on expanding my business and thanks to my real estate answering service.

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