Summary: An exclusive food app like E-mycook allows you to enjoy dishes from your neighbouring cooks. Read on to know more about this.

Author bio: Darcia Williams is a food blogger and a regular user of E-mycook. In this write-up, she has mentioned a few things that you can expect from a unique food delivery app Melbourne.

Come home and find that there is not anything in the kitchen to cook for dinner? Is it the middle of the week and you are in a mood to prepare foods? Well, not to worry. Now, you can enjoy food without spending time in the kitchen or visit the crowded restaurant. Efficient and affordable food delivery services, offered by a unique application like E-mycook will soon remove the need to prepare food at home to get a meal on the table.

When you choose a unique food delivery app Melbourne like E-mycook, you can expect something extra. Here is what –

1.      Foods straight from your neighbouring cooks

One of the crucial things that you can enjoy with E-mycook is flavoursome meals from your neighbouring cooks. A full-time experienced stay-at-home cook or a part-time passionate cook will prepare your dish with the utmost care. And so, you will feel the essence of home-made foods in every bite that will fill your mind along tummy. As you can order foods from the comfort of your home, you don’t need to step out of your home amidst the pandemic. It will be an added advantage for you.

2.      Both local and global foods

The world is filled with savoury delicacies and epicures want to sample all the wonderful foods. Are you also one of them? Whether you want to enjoy local Australian dishes or relish global delicacies without travelling there, E-mycook allows you to have it. From the spicy Indian dishes and luxurious Thai foods to simple yet amazingly refreshing Japanese delicacies to the sweets treats of Europe, you can order anything through E-mycook. This exclusive application removes the boundaries of local and global for food lovers and let them enjoy the food that their minds desire.

3.      Geo-localisation and communication with the cook

It does not matter whether you are in your home or workplace, with geo-localisation feature of E-mycook, you can geo-localise your nearest home-based cook and check the foods that they are ready to prepare for you. Besides, you can give special instructions to the cook through the chat feature. Do you want extra chilli and less salt or extra salt and less spicy or do you want to ensure that your food should be gluten-free? It eliminates the possibility of miscommunication and makes sure that you enjoy the customise-version of a dish.

4.      Round the clock service

Another great thing that you can expect from a unique food app like E-mycook is round-the-clock service. Irrespective of whether it is 4:00 PM or 2:00 AM, you never have to complete your assignment with your hanger pangs or sleep in an empty stomach. There is always a neighbouring cook to prepare your favourite food or a light dish and deliver it to your place.

5.      You can specify the time of delivery

Order the food when you are in your way from the office to home get it delivered by the time your reach and take a bath. Or will you be out of home for a few hours or do you want to get a quick delivery? Mention it. Yes, E-mycook values the needs of the customers and so, it allows its customers to specify the delivery time. With this, they make sure that you get the delivery exactly when you want.

Scroll through the dishes, choose the food you want, pay through the app and get it delivered to your home or workplace – it is as easy as this. So, download E-mycook and be prepared for a delicious experience.

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