The organization of a construction site is not an easy thing to do since it is necessary to plan and carefully plan the work to be carried out. Leaving aside in this context the maximum attention that is needed in the use of some machinery such as the cantilever crane, let’s see in detail the equipment making a difference between the manuals and the electrical ones.


Manual equipment is operated directly by the operator’s force. They can include picks, shovels, hammers, pincers, trowels, floats, keys, chisels, brushes, etc. These equipment consist of a wooden or steel handle, and depending on the function performed they can take a different shape. To ensure the proper functioning of these tools and to avoid accidents and injuries, it is important to use tools that are not worn out.

Therefore it is essential to have the correct tools for the work to be carried out and to put in place procedures capable of safeguarding the health and safety of workers. When using these particular devices, workers must put in place a series of precautions to avoid tripping over possible dangerous practices. It goes without saying therefore that the PPE acts must be implemented and one must always and in any case have a correct and stable position. In addition, the use of equipment that has deteriorated, broken or chipped parts or that are not well fixed must be avoided. Finally, at the end of the work, it is important to carefully store the tools in the appropriate cases in order to safeguard their efficiency and find them ready for use for the next time.


Any type of tool that is powered by electricity is part of the electrical equipment of a construction site. A typical example of this inevitable kit of a construction company are circular saws, grinders, sanders, hammers, drills, screwdrivers, milling machines, saws, grooves and much more. Each of them then, in turn is divided into sub-categories, which may be more or less suitable for the specific purpose of that given job. When using those electrical equipment it is important to put in place procedures to safeguard the safety and health of workers.

That is, there are even more stringent requirements to be respected, to prevent the worker from getting hurt. If with the manuals it is necessary to pay attention to the position and handle with the electric, there is in fact an added value that makes them risky: the current itself. On closer inspection, therefore, those who work on site must be more than vigilant.


A separate discussion must be made for the cantilever crane which although not an equipment but a machinery deserves a paragraph in its own right for the importance it has on construction sites. Its operation is targeted to make work easier and to do it in total safety. It is possible, in fact, to be able to move even more excessive weights, without running the risk that they release, thanks to its practical and efficient shape. The clearance of the cantilever crane is carried out using the height, establishing the right distance between the hook and the floor. Cantilever Crane job is really easy.

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