Fire inspection professionals all have different amounts of experience and education. Some of them have fire science degrees or other college degrees that are directly relevant to the fire inspection field. Inspectors with degrees may be more likely to get hired, but a degree still isn’t essential. 

Preliminary Education

All fire inspectors need to have finished high school or earned the equivalent qualifications. It’s possible to start working towards becoming a professional fire inspector shortly after graduating from high school. Some people may volunteer as firefighters after graduation to start getting important career experience. 

However, regardless of their general education, absolutely all fire inspection professionals must get fire academy training. They learn more about the profession by working with an experienced supervisor. It’s also just as important for fire inspection professionals to receive certification, and they’ll often need to take fire inspector classes as part of the process.

Course Work

Fire inspector courses tend to cover a broad range of material. Students have to memorize information related to building safety codes and relevant safety codes in general. These classes also focus on fire science and prevention. This is a specialty that can change rapidly, so students must also familiarize themselves with the current state of the fire safety field.

New Experience 

It’s important for students to become familiar with fire safety tools and equipment. They must learn how to test that equipment. Fire inspectors have to work with new types of safety equipment as it is introduced, so they are always in the process of learning more about the field. 

When students have become fully certified, they can start to acquire professional experience. Some fire inspectors work for insurance companies. Others are hired by fire departments directly. Taking thorough fire inspector courses can help give professionals in this field the background they need.

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