Watching a friend or family member go through an abusive relationship is a difficult thing. At times, you likely feel helpless about doing anything in the situation. You may be afraid that your loved one will not be receptive to your help, and you may also fear for his or her safety. If you do find someone you love in this unfortunate and potentially dangerous situation, consider these three ways to offer a helping hand. Just knowing that someone is willing to help can help someone leave a situation that has seemed like a trap.

Provide a Safe Haven

If your friend or family member comes to you about the abuse that he or she has incurred, offer to let him or her stay with you for a while. Make sure that you make your home a safe haven for the individual, and emphasize that the abusive partner is not allowed to come into your home. If temporarily moving in with you is not an option, try to find a shelter or other residence where he or she will be safe.

Help Find Legal Representation

Contacting a domestic abuse lawyer Hernando County FL is an important part of getting your loved one out of a bad situation. A lawyer can help finalize a divorce, petition for a restraining order and provide resources for those struggling to get out of the trap. Look for someone who has specific experience in this area.

Contact the Police When Appropriate

If you feel that your friend or family member is in real danger, it is important that you contact the police about the situation. They can also help find resources for an abused spouse to help him or her get out of the situation.

While it is difficult to watch anyone go through domestic abuse, you can do your part by helping where you can.

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