Fire leave smoke odor and soot residue, which absorb into the contents and structure very quickly and would remain there if not treated immediately. Both things can add to damages inside the building leading to corrosion and decaying of structure and contents permanently. As soon as fire is put out, the effective smoke cleanup and soot restoration procedure should be started on the property to ensure the full recovery.

The professionals at Service restore are highly experienced and skilled in perfect cleaning up and restoration of smoke odor and soot particles from surfaces, furniture, carpets, fabricated things and other contents in the area. They are fully ready to tackle any size damaged buildings, either residential or commercial.

Smoke not only produce harmful odor but discoloration to all surfaces like walls, ceilings etc. This harmful odor is toxic and hazardous for lungs. Smoke can travel through ducts, HVAC system and air, inside all areas, wardrobes and cabinets and absorb into clothes, leather and upholsteries.

Damage from smoke becomes long lasting if left untreated for few hours and it can destroy different porous and non-porous materials in different ways.

Smoke odor can linger for years if not treated properly and timely. The pores of wood open up due to heat of fire and soak the odor. After fire extinguish, it closes back to normal and toxic odor remain trap inside for years.

Special treatment and methods are used to remove smoke odor and damage permanently. Fire and smoke damage emergency services have professional worker having several years of training to restore your property to pre damage condition for your safety and comfort. It is important to get help of professionals as they have the proper knowledge, training and skills to use techniques and equipments to clean, remove and restore from smoke and soot.

After inspection of fire damaged area, all damaged things, debris and water is removed to start cleaning. All things are evaluated to decide which things can be salvaged and what must be dispose off. Treatment of restoration is depended on the type of material. Only a trained professional can decide which tools or treatment is best and effective in cleaning of different materials.

The valuables are treated with special restoration process depended on their condition. Smoke odor removal is not an easy restoration process but it needs thorough inspection and evaluation of material to select the treatment. Porous materials absorb smoke easily and deeper makes it impossible to remove smoke odor. Clothes can be laundered using strong washing detergents to remove odor.

Wooden furniture needs special polishes and right cleaning products to remove odor and return its shine. Hardwood floors are porous and may need replacement if required.

Air movers, air scrubbers and ventilators are used to remove smoke from the environment of house. Special alkaline cleaners are used with wet or dry sponges to clean surfaces. Carpets and upholstery is cleaned using vacuums with micro-filter HEPA equipment. Ducts and HVAC system is thoroughly cleaned to remove smoke odor and soot.

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