People often purchase antiquities in order to add a certain element of mystique to their indoor environment, and augment the overall impact of its décor. However, in this contemporary world, the market is essentially full of duplicate and forged antiquities, and hence it has become extremely important for people to purchase such objects from reliable establishments like Sadigh Gallery and to be aware of the knowledge required to identify authentic items from the fake ones. There are many tricksters and unscrupulous sellers in the market who beat a piece of furniture to make it long weathered or worn, as well as  soak linens in tea to make them look aged, in order to fool buyers. It is important that people stay away from such fraudulent entities when purchasing items of value, such as art, antiques and coins.

Sadigh Gallery mentions the essentials of differentiating real antiques from fake ones 

To protect oneself from the risks of purchasing reproduced antiquities or artifacts, it is advisable that people   learn as much as possible about the items they are planning to collect. They can choose to join collecting clubs, take advice from other collectors and dealers, as well check out the genuine pieces present in museums and sold by establishments like Sadigh Gallery.

Going through reference guides, as well as comparing genuine items with those known to be fake, can typically go a long way in enabling people to understand the details they need to pay attention to in an artifact to notice if something is not right with it. This skill essentially comes with time and persistence, but ultimately the hard work and patience of the people would pay off as no fraud art dealer would be able to rip off money from them.

When people are learning about forgeries and reproductions relating to antiquities, it can be extremely beneficial if they choose to talk directly to well-known and widely recognized sellers. Reputed dealers, such as the people belonging to the well cognized Sadigh Gallery would not mind when people ask them questions about how to know if a certain piece is actually old and authentic.  These experts are generally not offended when people express concerns relating to the reproductions of similar objects. They ideally tend to thoroughly explain how they know that the items sold by them are absolutely authentic and genuine.

Well experienced collectors and dealers belonging to the worth of antiques art and coins typically do not mind helping one another learn. In fact, most of them ideally enjoy sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise. Hence, people can always seek out their help in case they are confused about their antique purchase. Most people belonging to the world of antiquities generally advise against purchasing items of high value online owing to the large number of scams and fraudulent activities taking place on the modern virtual platforms. There are many websites where fake antiques are sold at low price in order to attract unsuspecting collectors.

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