The advent of the contemporary world has led to the unravelling of various mysteries and the debunking of various myths. However, the one myth which has been debunked and has ended decades of social stigma is the myth surrounding the sphere of cannabis. From being considered to be an illegal substance and the consumption of which could even leave you with jail time, has now been legalized in countries across the world such as in Uruguay and Canada followed by a few states in the United States. Most of the legalization has occurred due to the immense medical benefits of cannabis which have been brought into light through scientific research. With cannabis consumption becoming more and more prominent, various seed banks have been established across Canada such as the Marc Emery Seed Bank and Vancouver Seed Bank, with the Marc Emery Seed Bank being amongst the prominent one’s. From being sold in the form of oil to capsules and even in the form of nasal spray, here are a few of the many medical benefits of cannabis:

Helps in the treatment of Neuropathy

Being defined as the dysfunction of the peripheral nerves of the body and the symptoms of which can vary from weakness to numbness, Neuropathy can be successfully treated with cannabis. Where the various mediums of modern medicine are unable to lower the symptoms of Neuropathy and instead cause a number of side-effects in its place, cannabis being deemed to be a neuroprotective agent is considered to be a viable treatment for this condition.

An ideal medicament for cachexia

Known as the ‘wasting syndrome’, cachexia induces severe weight loss in the body of a person when he is suffering from an illness. Leading to acute depletion of muscle mass and skeletal mass, cachexia commonly occurs in patients suffering from cancer or heart-related ailments and kidney diseases. Research has proved that taking cannabis when a patient is suffering from cachexia improves the patient’s appetite while also making him more relaxed and calm, hence being an ideal medicament for cachexia.

Beneficiary for the treatment of Huntington’s disease

Classified as a genetic condition, Huntington’s disease leads to the deterioration of nerve cells in the brain. While the condition may be present since the birth of a person however, the symptoms of the condition may inhibit in the later stages of life. From the time the symptoms start showing, the person’s health will begin to decline gradually which may even leave him on bed-rest for life. Prefatory research has shown that cannabis not only helps in providing relief from the symptoms, but can also lower down the rate of progression, making it a viable treatment for the Huntington condition.

Hence, it can be concluded that cannabis is indeed a boon for the medical field as it supplements its efforts to provide relief to and cure the ailments of the patients.

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