A child’s education should be a major priority for all parents. While many public schools can offer adequate course options and extracurricular activities, some parents may find themselves looking for alternatives that include faith-based instruction, smaller class sizes and a family-like environment for their children. If you and your family are considering a christian elementary school in florida, here are three things to consider as you make your decision.


Not all private schools are created equal, especially when it comes to the high school diploma that graduates will earn. Before you enroll your child in a new school, be sure to find out if it has achieved accreditation with a nationally recognized organization that is recognized by most colleges and universities. Even if your child is in elementary or middle school, this is still an important piece of criteria, as it ensures that the school’s curriculum, materials and methods are held to a high standard.

Options for Struggling Learners

Some smaller private schools may not have options available for students who may fall behind in their classes. Just because your child is currently performing at grade level doesn’t mean they will not encounter learning struggles in the future. Search for a school that has programs available for students with special learning needs so that an unforeseen diagnosis doesn’t force you to change schools in the future.

Financial Commitments and Support

Private school is a significant financial commitment. While it is important to choose an option that fits within your family’s budget, make sure you take the time to find out what the school’s policies are on payment plans or financial assistance. Many private schools have the ability to offer scholarships, discounts for families with multiple children, and twelve-month payment options to make tuition more affordable.

There are many more details that may influence your decision when choosing a private school for your child. However, these basic factors should be the first ones you consider when researching private school options for your child and your family.

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