Umrah is a sacred journey for the Muslims of the whole world. It is not a necessary pilgrimage like Hajj, but it is an important and rewarding one. Umrah can be performed all year long, and there must be many people who are planning to go and perform Umrah with their 5 star Umrah package for a family soon. Many of those people will be the ones who are performing Umrah for the first time in their life and are not sure of what to do once they reach Saudi Arabia for the spiritual pilgrimage.

So, we took out a moment to give the new Umrah performers some advice about what they should do before they leave for a meaningful journey like Umrah. This advice is based on the experience of people who have already performed Umrah once or multiple times in their lives.

Five Valuable Advice for First Time Umrah Performers:

  1. Make constant du’a: Du’a is one of the most powerful and influential things in Islam; it can change anything. It is easy to say than done; a du’a has to be from the bottom of the heart to be true. Making du’a is an important thing, and you should make du’a for yourself and others as well. Du’a should be a permanent part of your life, but especially when you have made the intention of performing Umrah. Always make du’a before starting your Umrah, during it, and even after it ends. Ask for anything, and everything is in your heart from the almighty Allah.
  2. Keep in contact with your family back home: in this era of technology, almost all of us have a smartphone, and you should use it to the fullest to stay in contact with your family who is far away from you. You should download apps, get the sim of that country, and use the internet of your hotel to talk to your loved ones. In any case, you should always stay in touch with them so that you and they both are aware of each other’s wellbeing.
  3. Best time to visit Rawdah: Rawdah is a piece of Jannah, which is found in the Masjid of Prophet (SAWW) in Madinah. It is a small place and offers a thousand times more reward if Namaz is offered there, but you can imagine that a little place with such high reward will be crowded with people at any time of the day. So, the best time to visit Rawdah is after Isha and before Fajar. People leave the place at night, and there is less crowd there at late hours, which can lead you to have peaceful sublimation without disturbance. You can also ask more about Rawdah from the agent from whom you buy the 5 star Umrah packages from Islamabad.
  4. Take care of your Hygiene: Makah and Madinah are pure and clean places, and performing Umrah or Hajj are themselves to purify oneself, so you don’t need to worry about hygiene that much. Muslims live by the rule of cleanliness, and all these places are carefully kept clean at all times, but if you are still worried, then you can take care of your hygiene. Some things that you can take care of yourself while the barber cut your hair (for men; you should ask the barber to open a new blade when he starts to shave your beard. You can also take care of your clothes that they don’t get ‘na paak’ in any way.
  5. It’s better to perform Umrah with company: performing Umrah with people you know is always a relief. You can rely on them for many things like taking care of your stuff while you are praying or to keep some space for you if you are late for any Ibadat or to look after the things if you fall asleep in the Haram, etc. It is ideal for taking people along with you so that they will also get their essential pilgrimage done, and you will get some company. You can ask about the 5 star Umrah packages total cost for more people from your agent.

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