Hello everyone, you are  going to expand your values about antiques a bit and I want to talk about the increasingly necessary antique dealers, establishments where you can sell antiques. Yes, in the old workshop we are dedicated to restoring, recycling and reinventing your antique furniture, these antique dealers serve us today to acquire monetary or sentimentally precious objects for our home, which are sometimes restored or which are on the contrary found in good condition, and that will give our home a touch of unique and magical distinction.

Despite what we usually think, the price of these pieces is much lower than we imagine. I invite you to Drew Pritchard and enjoy everything you can see in them.

It is important to know, in addition, that these antique dealers are dedicated to the sale of antiques and antique objects and that can, therefore, help us in the sale of objects such as furniture or other objects with decades of antiquity that for various reasons no longer interest us and that we want to sell to someone who really appreciates them. This, for us, is extremely important since we can count on experts to sell antiques of any kind and obtain a fair price and according to what really deserves an object.

When buying antiques of great monetary or sentimental value. It is important to have an antiquarian expert in the appraisal of antiques and antique objects. (We usually talk about objects with a century old). We know that everything beautiful is worth an adequate restoration, but it is true that sometimes we acquire simple antique objects. (Not for that reason lacking in value). Thinking that they are incredible antiques and we can take a thankless surprise later.

In the workshop of the old, we love to go, search and investigate in these places of sale of antiques to find magical objects, with a lot of history and that we take care of restoring and recycling without, of course, making them lose their value of antiquity. We simply give these objects a small restoration that makes them look like they used to.

Antiquarian very recognized in Alicante. In these spaces, the client is allowed to investigate and search relaxed. Weigh, value and enjoy going into another space. You always have to ask permission before touching a delicate object. (They are not places of marketing and bargaining).

In short, we recommend that like us, you have in mind that objects you buy and sell, there are online antique dealers that with the sending of a simple photo can assess and value the piece you have and thus know what type of restoration or purchase value They have, and can be, the difference between good and bad management of our old objects.

It is our responsibility to conserve, maintain and value them. Because sometimes without being able to avoid it many of them disappear and are lost forever.

As a personal mention, I leave you in contact with an Antique Shop in Madrid, Espalter Antiques, where you can consult your needs.

As always we hope to contribute a little more, from our small corner in the world of Restoration and Conservation.

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