The FDA definition of refurbished equipment is equipment restored to a condition of safety and effectiveness it had when new. It includes repairs, replacement of parts and the installing and updating software that does not change its original use. Choosing to buy refurbished or used medical equipment could save you some money without costing you quality. It is important to consider your options before buying used. 

Quality is an important thing to consider when purchasing medical equipment. What type of refurbishment is the company offering? Certified Pre-Owned equipment means that the equipment is thoroughly scrutinized and tested before being resold. Other levels of refurbishment are mechanical and cosmetic. 

Look for a company that offers a guarantee with their refurbished equipment. Refurbished equipment does not come with the same sort of guarantees that it would from a manufacturer. Any good company will offer you at least a small window of time to get your money back if you’re not happy with the product. It is also a good idea to check the company’s return rate and reviews. If someone had a bad experience, they will tell other people about it. People how have had a good experience will also leave reviews. 

The company should also be knowledgeable in what medical equipment that they sell. The company should be able to answer any questions that you have about its products. They should also be able to point you to the best equipment for the job if you are unsure about what to get. If a company is selling other equipment besides medical equipment, they might be to spread out to offer the knowledge that you need. 

Another thing to consider is if the company has a physical presence. It is easy to get a hold of some equipment from an auction or other place and sell it from a garage. A reputable company will have an office set up. The company will also have a place and time where you can look at any of the equipment. Looking over the equipment before purchasing is a good way of knowing the quality and if it is something you would like to buy. 

The last thing to consider before choosing a company that sells used equipment is shipping. You should not only consider shipping cost but on shipping practices as well. Medical equipment sometimes comes with delicate parts. If it must go a long way in a cardboard box, then things are likely to break. Items should arrive packed tightly with little room to move around. They should ship the product out in a reasonable time. If buying products overseas, you will want a company that has a background of experience in dealing with exports. 

Purchasing refurbished medical equipment can be as safe and reliable as purchasing new. It just takes a little research to find just the right company. Finding a company that is reputable and knowledgeable will not only help with your current medical purchases, but any needed in the future.

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