Like human beings, dogs too feel bad when separated with their owners. And when such happens, they experience the separation anxiety which let them try their best to unite back with their owner. So, being a pet owner you should know the symptoms and how to cure the separation anxiety in your dog.

Separation Anxiety Symptoms: The first phase is to acknowledge the symptoms that give you a clear sign of anxiety in your pet. Common symptoms include scratching, digging and biting you to reunite them with their owner. You make your maximum possible attempt but failed to let them know about the change of ownership.

Below are the options that you can consider to treat the separation anxiety in your dog.

Change Your Lifestyle a Bit:

There is always a common signal that you give to your dog whenever you move out of your home. This is what makes your dog possessive about your separation and gets affected by the anxiety. It’s important to change the way you go out or the entire planning that you regularly do. This will help your dog stay calm even when you move out. With the passage of time, your dog will get habitual to this scenario and won’t feel anxious anymore.

Be Casual When you Move In/Out:

Whenever you come back home, it’s obvious that your dog starts licking your face and shows happiness. But this doesn’t mean to get emotional and let your dog know. You should be casual whether you are moving out or in. The more you remain causal, the better your dog will learn to stay calm at your move-out situation.

Train Your Dog:

Training is an important part of every pet that you own. You should train them about different aspects of your life including your departure. Once you start training your dog for their separation, there won’t be any anxiety problem that your dog will face throughout life. Furthermore, you should also train them for other things like respecting/obeying their owner, maintain the limitation, etc.

Make Them Live Alone:

It’s good to spend leisure time with your dog. But you should not make it a habit as such habits may harm your dog in future. You should teach then to live alone. There are different situations when you need to move out. But in such situations, your dog can’t bear the separation.

Give Medicine:

To overcome separation anxiety, you can even choose some over-the-counter or prescribed medicines which can help your dog move out of depression. To buy such anti-anxiety medication, Canada Drugs online pharmacy is the right place. But before any dosage, you should consult a professional vet doctor.

The situation of Separation anxiety occurs when you adopt a dog from another owner. You are all set to add it to your family, but the pet isn’t ‘ready and is still in search of its owner. This causes the problem that you need to overcome and totally change the ownership in your dog’s mind.

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