If you’re just getting started in the automatic world, it may be difficult to first discover the essential tools you need. You know what tools you would love to have, but on a shoestring budget, you need to be particular about your choices. We’ve compiled a list of must-have shop equipment so that you can make the right purchases to ensure your beginning success.

Hoists are a necessity for any shop. It’s hard to call any sort of enclosure a garage without seeing a car hoist inside. These hoists are usually powered by air and are a must-have for any new automotive shop owner. These provide the right leverage so that your mechanics can access underneath the vehicle safely. Trying to use a crawler to get parts out from underneath the car can be a difficult challenge and it can wreak havoc on the back health of your employees. Getting hoists installed is of the utmost importance.

Next up, we have the gardner denver air compressor. While employees are going to have tools that they bring with them, every job isn’t restricted to just needing a little elbow grease. Your employees are going to need access to compressed air to run their air wrenches and other equipment. Keep in mind that an air compressor is a must have to pump up tires among other important automotive tasks.

Cabinets are going to be next on your list. You need to have viable storage cabinets and toolboxes to hold all the materials that your shop has. Otherwise, your mechanics are going to be spending hours trying to find the right tool for the job they’re doing. This is a major waste of time. When every tool has its designated place, each mechanic can easily access the tool whenever they need it without wasting time searching for it. This means more cars in and out of your garage doors.

Benches are your next necessity as your mechanics are going to need somewhere to work. No one wants to be bent over the floor trying to unscrew bolts from a muffler or other auto part. Benches are something that should take up a good bit of space in your garage as most of your mechanics will be spending their time there. Ensure these benches are the right height and are made from a solid material that won’t break down over time or stain from fluid leaks.

While you may not consider safety equipment as part of the industrial category, it certainly is. Having fire extinguishers and first aid kits are a must-have for any automotive shop. Realize that you may have to purchase various fire extinguishers as they are used for different types of fires. Having these readily available on the wall is a must so that employees can easily access them in case of emergency.

As a new automotive shop owner, there are some essential pieces of industrial equipment that you should be investing your money in. It’s important to realize that every tool out there, although nice to have access too, many are unnecessary when you’re first starting out. By following this list of must-have essentials, you’ll be able to get your shop up and running on a shoestring budget.

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