The rub tester has been a golden standard for over half a century. This instrument has four different speeds, this allows the customer to have a choice on what setting will work best for them. This a high-quality product with a high percentage of customer satisfaction. The company who owns the rights to this piece of equipment has customers through the world in countries like: North, South and Central America, Asia, Europe and Australia. 

This product has an array of accessories that can be purchased separately. The accessories include: the hold down bracket, optional heated weight, optional weights, new rubber pads, old and new style pads as well as silicone. 

    • Hold Down Brackets: this accessory is used to hold down a specimen during the testing process. It’s a lot easier then taping the specimen down. You can tighten or release your specimen with a simple turn of two wing nuts. This accessory comes with all new rub resistance testers. This is also offered as an aftermarket item. You can easily install this item yourself and includes instructions.
    • Optional Heated Weight: this accessory is used to evaluate abrasions of cartons and labels. Before you use this product, you’ll need to replace the rubber pads with the silicone pads included with your machine. 
    • Optional Weights: these weights are to test different levels of strength the machine offers. There are many different options available.
    • New Rubber Pads: the rubber pads should be changed at least every 6 months depended on how often you use your testing machine. These pads are very simple to replace.
    • Old and New Style Pads: the older style pads come with a base pad and four smaller pads. Follow the instruction on how to put them on. The new style pads are different because they only have a base pad and 2 smaller pads. All the rubber pads should be replaced every 6 months.
  • Silicone Pads: this is the type of pad that’s needed for heated weights. The silicone will not melt unlike rubber. You may also need silicone pads for certain types of testing. 

What Makes This Product Exceptional? 

What makes this rub tester stand out from other models and brands are there parts are chrome plated and made with solid brass. They are made from metals stronger then steel and aluminum. And every single part is crafted by hand. This model has been trusted for over 60 years. The motor is easy to access. And offers 1/12 horse power. This product offers different motor speeds. The first speed offers 21 cycles per minute. The second speed ups it to 42 cycles a minute. Your sitting at 85 cycles per minute on speed three and the fourth and final speed hits 106 cycles per minute. What a powerful machine! The heated weights are made entirely out of stainless steel and offers different temperature settings. The silicone pads are included with the heated weights. 

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