In most towns, there are a few different self-storage units that you can choose from. This allows you the ability to ensure that the unit you pick has the features that you need. We encourage you to be on the lookout for the things mentioned below to ensure your storage unit is the best quality for your valuable items.

The first thing you need to look for is ease of accessibility. While you may be handling most of your storage needs in the daytime, you still want to be able to access your items during off-hours if necessary. A self-storage facility that caters to your needs will allow you access to the facility 24 hours a day 7 days a week. These facilities typically have a gated entrance where you’ll need to swipe a security passcard or use a key to get in. Even though you may not think you need your items during off-hours, it doesn’t hurt to have a way to access those items in the event you find out you do need to. 

The next feature you want to look for in outdoor storage units Bellevue WA is security. This is broken down into two different parts. As we touched on above, the facility should be gated in. This means that only those with a passcard or key can access the gate and get into the premises. The second part is the security of the storage unit itself. You want to ensure you can put your own lock on the unit and that it shuts tightly. You don’t want to rent a unit that doesn’t completely shut right or one with a damaged door that could allow easy access to anyone who simply pushes it in. Remember that your valuables are going to be in the storage unit, so make sure there is good security to keep those valuables safe. 

If you plan on putting items in your storage unit that can be highly affected by temperature sways, a climate-controlled storage unit may be your best option. Not all storage facilities have this option, so you’re going to need to evaluate many facilities. Climate-controlled units provide you with the ability to store anything you need in your unit with the assurance it won’t be destroyed due to temperature extremes.

The next thing you want to look for when evaluating potential storage units is the cleanliness of the facility. Is there graffiti on the walls, holes in the fence, and bent doors? Simply walk away and find another facility. You want to find a facility that is kept up with. The doors should shut correctly, there should be adequate lighting, and the property should be gated with a sturdy fence. These indications will allow you to know that the staff takes the security of your valuable items seriously. 

Finding a self-storage unit to hold your valuables requires more than just picking up the phone book. In fact, many storage units come with various options which you can take advantage of to store items you may not have thought possible in the past. Be sure to check that any facility you’re thinking about hiring has all the things listed above so that you have peace of mind when it comes to your valuables.

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