Unfortunately, we are living in a time where public places are not the safest. I’m remembering a time when the thought was to be around a group so that nothing will happen or if something does happen, there are witnesses, today those witnesses are also the victims. Even security comes to work daily hoping that nothing happens, and if it does, there’s still the hope that just their training will be enough to get them through it. That’s why it is important for every place that services the public to have a system in place that can reach the local authorities if an emergency happens. This is especially important if you don’t have staffed security. This system will provide several benefits such as removing a threat faster, making the public feel safer, and discouraging incidents from taking place in the future. 

Removing a Threat Faster 
A proper incident notification system can give a company a chance to bypass dispatch and any possible miscommunication. The system can also send out a notification as soon as its alarm is triggered. That way, the messenger doesn’t have to try to bypass the threat in an effort to get good enough reception to place a phone call and the emergency responders are receiving an exact location to rescue the victims as well as a lead on the direction of the offender. 

The Public Feel Safer 
Having the incident system today can help your patrons feel that it’s okay to come to your establishment. You can advertise it in a subtle way that they won’t need to look over their shoulder as often and they can enjoy their time out amongst the crowds if they like. One of the scariest things, when an incident happens, is wondering will help come, whether it’s already on the way, and what are your chances of surviving the situation. 

Discouraging Incidents 
The more companies come on board with the notification systems the more bad people will say it’s not worth it to try and pull this off. Some of them probably like the thrill of the helplessness that follows for a period after they have done the act, but with this system in place, they are almost guaranteed to get caught soon after. It should have the same effect as the dye packs at the bank. Yes, robberies still happen, but they are probably a lot less frequent than they were before the dye was getting inserted, or even the emergency call button. 

All public buildings have safety procedures. Add this system to your safety measures to get a head start on keeping the people that frequent your place safe. If you have on-site security workers, they would probably appreciate the gesture. Installing a notification system will help responders get to you faster, make your patrons feel safer and discourage anyone from creating bad incidents at your company. Hopefully, if more companies jump on board with this type of system the world can be a safer place.

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