One of the biggest reasons why the majority of site owners gravitate towards a Shared Hosting service for their websites is cost-effectiveness. Many new websites, small businesses or those with basic hosting requirements usually opt for Shared Hosting services. While Shared Hosting plans are the cheapest hosting services available, the effectiveness of these plans for the low cost is worth exploring. Today, we will look at the factors that make Shared Hosting a cost-effective choice for new websites.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is a hosting service where your website resides on a server that is shared between multiple users. The resources and computing power of the server are shared too. Hence, the hosting company can offer these services at much lower costs.

Cost-effectiveness of Shared Hosting

Since multiple websites share the resources like RAM, CPU, disk space, etc., in a Shared Hosting plan, the server is not dedicated to one user. Also, users are not aware of other websites hosted on their servers since each user receives allocated resources. The cost of hosting the server is divided between multiple users, making it cost-effective to each one of them. If we compare it with a Dedicated Server Hosting service where the entire server is dedicated to one website, Shared Hosting plans are highly economical and perfect for sites with lower resource requirements.

To understand cost-effectiveness in Shared Hosting, let’s look at an example:

Let’s say that you move to a new city and are looking for an apartment for living. You have a few choices:

  1. You can rent an independent house (or bungalow)
  2. You can share a flat with flatmates

Renting an independent home can be likened to a Dedicated Server Hosting plan where you are the sole user of the server. Like the house, Dedicated Hosting plans are costlier than the other options. On the other hand, sharing an apartment with flatmates can be likened to a Shared Hosting plan where you share an apartment and the amenities with others. It allows you to reduce the rent amount per person but has some restrictions too.

While Shared Hosting plans are cheap, they offer a range of benefits to websites including:

  1. Managed Hosting – Shared Hosting plans offer managed services where the web hosting service provider takes care of all the management tasks of the server. It allows the site owner to focus on establishing and growing the website.
  2. Easy to get started – Most Shared Hosting plans are designed for new and inexperienced site owners. Hence, you can launch your website within minutes of buying the plan unless you have certain custom requirements.
  3. User-friendly control panels – Shared Hosting plans come with user-friendly control panels like cPanel, allowing you to set up add-on domains, emails, FTP, and databases.

Summing Up

While websites have multiple options in web hosting, Shared Hosting services offer great value for money. While Shared Hosting plans have resource limitations, they are ideal for startups and small-to-medium websites that have low resource requirements. Always remember to assess your site’s requirement as that can help you find the best Shared Hosting in India. As the site grows, you can easily upgrade to a higher Shared Hosting plan or better hosting service. Good Luck!

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