An immigration lawyer is a practitioner, who is not connected to the immigration authorities and who helps its clients in dealing with any type of issues related to citizenships, green cards, visas, and other benefits related to immigration. The United States immigration law is federal that means you can get help from any lawyer in the country even when you are living in any other country.

Many issues related to immigration do not require the help of an immigration lawyer. However, the Immigration laws of the United States are quite complex and in many cases, you will feel the need of hiring an Immigration Lawyers in LA as it can save you time, money and hassle.


While applying for the US visa process, you might need the help of an immigration lawyer. To claim immigration benefits or to apply for citizenship, hiring the immigration lawyer can be beneficial for you. Immigration laws and procedures can be complicated and difficult to understand, that can be trickier for the foreigners who might not be familiar with the law, language and the American bureaucracy. Hiring an immigration lawyer can be helpful in avoiding troubles and unnecessary expenses.

Green Card Application

The immigration lawyer can help you in easing out and checking your eligibility for your green card application and your immigration-related benefits. For granting green card, US government has different conditions that keep changing from time to time. The immigration lawyer has the required experience and knowledge to determine the eligibility and can help you apply with full requirements.

Issues related to Employment

In some situations, when a foreigner is hired by a US firm, the firm might not help the employee in completing the formalities and immigration procedures. In such cases, the immigration lawyer can be your best help. The Immigration Lawyers in LA can guide you in applying for the visa and can compile all the necessary documents for you. They will ensure that your application is filled out correctly and is submitted at the earliest. After your successful application, you will be authorized to enter the country and you can join the firm and start working.

To Avoid Deportation

In case you got a deportation notice, you need to contact the immigration lawyer as soon as possible. You might have got the notice that is issued by the customs or the immigration authority. There might even be some criminal liability. The immigration lawyer will access your case and the reason for denial of your case and will investigate on the terms on which you might have violated the immigration law. In any case, you should consult a professional immigration lawyer that can ensure you that you might get a chance for the hearing of your case. You might apply for cancellation of your deportation order.

These are some of the most common cases in which you will require the help of an immigration lawyer. Entering the country with a criminal record or entering as an investor are some other instances in which you might need the help of an immigration lawyer. A professional immigration lawyer with sufficient experience can help you in filing a successful application.

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