Dog grooming salon and spa are invaluable resources for any dog owner before or after visiting the park. They offer a secure environment where the pup will specialize and exercise while it connects you with the local community of pet owners. You will enjoy your cup of coffee and interact with other dog lovers while your furry friend plays, runs freely, making new friends and enjoying the good time in the grooming salon and spa.

Despite the fun and excitement, new pet owners who want to visit the parks for the first time might find off-leash play daunting. It is essential to understand the dog park etiquette beforehand as this will help you avoid any problem.

When it comes to accompanying your pet to the park, the only thing you want is to have the best time with the dog. Letting your pet interact with strangers and other pooches, particularly for the first time, can be an overwhelming experience. Implement these tips to ensure you have the best experience ever.

Remove the leash

While this might look obvious, many dog owners tend to be hesitant about the potential results of removing the leash off their dog in public. There is no need to take visit the dog park if you want to keep your pet leashed. Since your dog has undergone the required training and you have observed the safety measures in the park, let your per roam around.  Failing to take off the leash will bring too much stress to the animal as they can get tangled and injured by control pulling to gain control. Dogs are sensitive creatures such that they can even sense when you are nervous and replicate the anxiety through the leash.

Make sure everyone is having a good time

It is paramount to stay vigilant as you watch over your dog, irrespective of the distraction you might come across. Static people in different group makes many dogs gather in one place, so ensure you keep walking at a slow pace around the park.

If your furry friend is not enjoying the environment or it’s nervous in the existence of other mischievous dogs, leaving that place will be a good idea. Then again, if your do is enjoying with others, you must stay and keep him company.

It’s no place for toys and treats

In communal place, guarding, aggressive or possessive behaviors are not allowed. Coming with toys and treats to the dog park triggers the potential for the animals to start fighting or stealing. Nevertheless, you can bring one treat of your pet’s favorite toy to use when the dog refuses to obey commands when leaving the park. This tool will help you regain the attention of the dog.

Complete the proper training

In most cases, the untrained dogs are the one that causes bad behaviors at the park. Ensure that your dog understands the basic commands before taking it to socialize with strangers. At least, it is paramount for your dog to understand the come commend before taking him or her to the park. It is imperative to start training your dog early to avert the negative behaviors.





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