At present, most electronic devices are equipped with memory. All these devices need memory to store data.

Most often they are exchangeable cards and disks. A large number of storage devices with different capacity are available on the market. It also happens that the device has built its own fixed memory.

Like other devices, hard drives can be damaged – both mechanically and by damaging the logical structure of data, making it difficult to read.

Regardless of whether holiday photos, video of an important event, record difficult lectures, multimedia presentations, much-time scientific work, or important corporate and business data – the consequences of their loss can be very painful.

The good news is that these data can be restored by employing professional methods and skills of specialists.

A very important factor at the time of data loss is the immediate end of use of the device. The attempt of a user to recover the data himself if he does not have the relevant knowledge can only aggravate the problem and make it impossible to restore data even in conditions of a hard drive repair service specializing in recovering lost information!

The most common cause of data loss is logical disk corruption.

Logical damage is caused by a distortion of the data structure, making it impossible to read them. This is not a physical damage to the carrier.

Damage to this type may be caused by a variety of factors such as sudden power outages, fluctuations in the power network (this may also cause physical damage to the disk), virus attack, or errors caused by malfunctioning of the software. They can cause computer boot problems, partition corruption, file system corruption. A very common problem is the accidental deletion of important data by the user.

Data recovery – USB and memory card

No reader detects a memory card? Then she probably suffered mechanical damage.

In this case, it will be necessary to isolate memory chips from the card and read them on a special device to restore user files.

This is a complicated procedure, but in most cases some of the information can be recovered if the damage did not hit the semiconductor memory chips found in the card. The same situation applies to the portable USB.

If a carrier has not been physically damaged and data cannot be read from it, previously stored files are missing or read errors; the logical structure of the data has been corrupted.

Sometimes the problem caused by these factors is so easy that it can be removed by standard tools, but in some cases a professional data recovery service is required – it is necessary to use advanced methods and expertise in the field of data recovery.

In the case of this type of damage, you should outsource data recovery.



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