Every summer the migration pattern begins anew, the sheer numbers are astounding. Birds heading to traditional nesting grounds? Actually, Americans packing up and moving. The number varies according to the state of the economy, but every year, according to the U.S. Census, over 35 million people move to a new residence, notwithstanding the number of office relocations as companies expand or new startups enter the market. Consequently, the average American moves 11 times in a lifetime, whether for a job change, moving up or downsizing. Those first few moves may feature the use of a friend’s pickup truck, quickly upgraded to a rental truck staffed by a few compatriots who will work for pizza and beer.

Once we’ve experienced breakage and loss of treasured items, no one in our inner circle knew how to load a truck correctly, it’s time to get serious. Accordingly, an internet search usually follows, something like, local movers Basking Ridge NJ, for starters. In half a second, the search returns 160 thousand results, astonishingly equivalent to 6 movers for every living person in Basking Ridge. Certainly, the decision is made uncomplicated by a couple of basic choices: do I want two men with the truck, or three. But, once the glow of the low price fades, the nagging questions remain: will their truck breakdown with my household on it? Does the company have adequate insurance to cover loss or breakage? Have the driver and helpers been background checked? Trained?

Consequently, at that point, good sense takes over, extending our research into the qualities that comprise a reputable moving company. A reliable indicator of companies with satisfied customers is the number of years in business, similarly the types of moves the company has performed. Appropriately, when businesses trust a company to relocate their offices, it follows that fragile technology items and vital business records are involved. Accordingly, homeowner’s items will receive the same level of care. Ordinarily, a moving company offering storage services might not seem a deciding factor in selecting a vendor, but is another indicator of expertise, requiring the mover to load, unload into storage, reload and deliver, activities requiring organization, timing, and management.

Trustworthy organizations are proud of their membership in trade groups, notwithstanding the requirements to maintain a membership in good standing. In the moving and storage industry, dependable companies participate in the American Moving & Storage Association, AMSA, meeting rigorous standards of ethics and professionalism, safeguarding consumers from “rogue operators” who may have hidden costs, dirty trucks and late deliveries. AMSA, a national trade organization, and the New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association, a local group, through their member certification programs, help assure consumers that their move will be orchestrated with professionalism, moreover at a reasonable price.

An average homeowner, you’ve accumulated valuables, fragile collectibles, treasured family heirlooms that are irreplaceable. Moving is an exciting, stressful time. When the truck arrives, don’t be caught saying, “who are these guys?”, instead, choose an AMSA member organization for the handling and transport of your possessions.

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