Bed bugs are becoming a problem all over the country. You are not the only one dealing with this problem. These little buggers do not normally transmit diseases, but they definitely make sleeping a nightmare. The following are a few tips to help you deal with them should you find them in your home.

Wash Everything

The first thing you might want to do is wash all your clothes, including all your bedding. You want to make sure you place everything in a very hot dryer for at least an hour, and keep a close eye on everything as you do this. The heat should kill bed bug eggs and the insect itself. This does not guarantee the problem will go away, but you might reduce the issue.

Seals and Plastics

You might want to purchase a few plastic boxes with a seal on them. You are going to want to put everything in these boxes once your clothes and other bedding materials are cleaned. This should help keep bugs away from your clothes. Be sure the seal is tight, and make sure these boxes are closed properly after opening them.

Bed Problems

The biggest problem you might have is your bed. The instinct is to throw your bed out, which is only natural. Yes, professional bed bug specialists will likely do the same, but they are going to do it carefully. Bed bugs can drop from your bed and invade other areas of your home, or they could crawl towards other people. The epidemic has hit New Jersey hard, so you do not want to contribute to the problem. The bed has to be sealed before it is removed from your home.

Preventive Steps

This would be a good time to implement steps that might prevent this issue from happening again. You are going to want to seal all your new bedding with bed bug covers. These are usually made of vinyl and help ensure no new bugs get into your new mattress. Of course, bugs can still crawl on these, but you should be able to see them if they try. It should be noted that some people end up using these covers to trap bed bugs in their bed, which is possible. Now, it is important that the cover is not removed for at least a year to make sure these bugs die. Be sure to care for the cover because one little hole can be an escape route.

Natural Killer

You can try to use diatomaceous earth on these bugs. The powder may seem harmless and it is for human beings, but it is razor sharp to bed bugs. The powder will kill them, so putting some of this powder around your home or at least around your bed should prevent these bugs from crawling up your bed. The good thing is that this particular powder is pretty inexpensive, so it should not be too hard to purchase.

Those with a bed bug problem that seems to extend beyond your home might need to talk to neighbors or property managers to see if there is a solution that can benefit all. These bugs are hard to get rid of, so be patient, and be sure to talk to a professional. Keep in mind that these tips are meant to be helpful but cannot replace the work a bed bug exterminator can do for you.

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