For renovations, new construction, or commercial needs dumpster rentals Peoria IL will be part of the scene. Allowing debris to pile up is not only unsightly, it can also be dangerous. Dumpsters come in many different sizes and designs so it’s important to figure out which one suits your needs best before you set up delivery. Regarding convenience, and prompt delivery it’s obviously best to find what you need locally whenever possible.

Learn Contractor Terminology and Avoid Paying for More Than You Need

Anything to do with construction or destruction always seems to generate a ton of waste. If you are unsure how much room you will need in a dumpster look at it this way. If you’re only going to have 100 pounds of waste, you don’t need a dumpster big enough to hold 500. A little more space than you’ll use is ok but try not to overdo it and pay for what you don’t need. Discuss the specifics of your project with the rental company, they should know which size is best for the job. 

Most waste removal companies are used to dealing with contractors. The average citizen can certainly rent a dumpster if they need to but if you don’t know how to phrase what you’re looking for a lot of time can be wasted on misunderstandings. For example, did you know that container, dumpster, and roll off all mean the same thing? It might not sound like much but learning correct terminology cuts right through any confusion to ensure you get what you really need, not what you think you need. 

Ok, Your Dumpster Delivery Is Scheduled, Now What? 

Once you know when to expect delivery there are things that need to be done beforehand. Dumpsters of any size or design are going to need a certain amount of space for delivery and then pick up when they are full. Make sure the following is handled and there should be no problems on delivery day. 

  • Clear an area as close to the work as possible so you don’t have a long way to carry heavy loads. 
  • If you live in town and park on the street, be prepared to give up your parking place.
  • Depending on size and design some dumpsters are taller than the average human. Be ready to create sturdy “temporary” steps so you don’t have to struggle heaving heavy debris up over your head before dropping it inside. 

Yes, you could just use a pick up and haul it away yourself, but you wouldn’t be saving any money that way when you consider that every trip you make to the dump is going to cost a fee. Plus, at the dump you are responsible for unloading all that debris and risk possible damage to your trucks bed and paint job. Multiply all those dump fees by how many pick up loads go into a single dumpster and let the math decide for you.


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