Wine is an enjoyable drink that is a perfect complement to food or as an after-dinner treat. It is also a beverage that takes effort and cooperation with the weather to have a harvest that will make the perfect wine. The 2014 Caymus wine is a Napa Valley wine filled with aromatic flavors combined to make a flavorful full-bodied wine. This 2014 year is a vintage that has three main characteristics, red fruit, chocolate, and spices. Some experts have compared the 2014 harvest vintage as having a flavor between the 2012 and 2014 vintages. 


This is a full flavored bodied vintage with a hint of:

• Blackberry
• Black cherry
• Blueberry
• Cocoa
• Current 
• Plum 
• spices

The result of these flavors melded together is a red fruit with an herbal element to give it a full body win taste. Yet it has an aromatic cocoa smell and a hint mixed with the red fruit flavor. The Napa Valley wine has a flavor that can compare to the Cabernet Sauvignon from European regions. Yet different with its own unique flavor that would not be found in France is one of the areas of Europe Cabernets are found. The Napa Valley vintages have a flavor that will compare to its European cousin in its robust yet smooth flavor. In some respects, this Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley has flavor elements that would not be found in a European vintage that is aged in the manner it has been since this vintage beginning. When comparing the 2014 vintages the Napa Valley vintage due to an early harvest is darker and more concentrated giving it a bolder Cabernet Sauvignon flavor. The 2014 harvest making a more concentrated bolder flavor is one of the reasons this is so highly rated by wine tasters. 

Best Paired 

This is a wine that is best paired with red meats like steak and roast. However, it has a perfect flavor to be paired with game. It can also complement deserts like chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream with its red fruity flavor and hit of spices. This is a wine that could accompany other dishes. However, it may also depend on personal preference when pairing this vintage with main courses or desserts. Since it is such a favorable Cabernet it could be used as a between course drink if water is being served with the main courses and coffee or tea with dessert. 

The Napa Valley

This is a vintage that comes from Napa Valley, California a nice American Cabernet Sauvignon. The good news for the 2014 harvest season is that it made a superb Cabernet. The harvest that year was early due to drought conditions, which also made it a smaller harvest. However, it also was one of the best wine years for this vintage. The fruit harvested in the vineyards was perfect giving the wine a dark color with a fruity aromatic smell. Wine experts have stated this was a quality vintage with many ratings near 100 percent for flavor, color, and taste.

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