So, you think you’ve got what it takes to start your own farm. Perhaps you’ve worked as a summer hand or successfully managed a smaller project. Maybe all you have is a green thumb, a love for the great outdoors, and a dream. In either case, once you’re bitten by the farming bug there’s no turning back.

You’ve got your eyes set on starting your own farm no matter what. Let’s go over the common struggles beginner farmers have as they start to take things more seriously. There are objective, external struggles you’ve probably thought about. But there are also internal struggles.

It may seem obvious, but it would be doing a disservice if we didn’t touch on equipment and what you’re really getting yourself into. Equipment is going to be, hands down, your biggest barrier to entry. Farming equipment is just plain expensive, and you can’t do without it. It doesn’t matter whether you plan on harvesting large-scale or small-scale crop yields. It doesn’t matter whether you’re farming corn or cucumbers. It doesn’t even matter if you forego plants entirely and turn towards working with livestock or poultry. There’s no way around your dependence on equipment, or the expenses involved in obtaining it.

Think of your equipment as an investment. Every investment is a risk, and all risks need to be properly managed. One way to reduce the risk is by buying intelligently. Instead of specialized niche equipment, all-purpose vehicles like tractors make the most sense for the money. By swapping out hitches, you’re getting completely different functionality at a fraction of the price.

To get the best deals you’ll want to talk to other farmers. So long as you’re not in direct competition, they’re likely to be sympathetic to your passion and give you a good deal on second-hand equipment. When you do this, go broad and search the whole state. Whether you live in Dayton or Cleveland you should be searching to find a tractor for sale OH (maybe even in WV or IN if it’s close enough).

While equipment is an external obstacle, often the overlooked are the internal struggles. Internal struggles such as disappointment and delusions of grandeur. It’s an affliction that strikes many newbies. You can avoid internal strife by being reasonable with the expectations you’re setting for yourself.

It’s always a good idea to seek an objective eye on your goals. Perhaps have a coffee with the farmer you’re buying the used equipment from and get their honest expert opinion. There’s no better teacher than experience, and experience is something you’re in short supply of right now.

So long as you’re honest with yourself, it should all work out for the best. Be honest with your budget as you manage your initial investments. Make sensible purchases second-hand if you have to. Be honest with your neighbors and friends about why you’re following your dreams. And above all else, be honest with yourself. Really think about what’s realistic to accomplish as you’re setting your goals.

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