Homeowners have to re-invent their homes to make sure it does not look dated. These updates do not have to be done frequently, but they should be considered every few years. Now, one area of your home that may be overlooked is the pool, even though it can be updated in a number of excited ways.

Screened-in Pool

It may not be the first thing you consider when updating your pool, but people are falling in love with indoor pools. These enclosed pools make your pool life a little better. For one, you can swim at anytime without worrying about the elements outside because you can control the temperature inside. Pool maintenance should be a little easier because debris is dramatically lessened. Talk to a contractor about creating this oasis in your backyard as soon as you can.

Natural Pools

A lot of people are starting to worry about how eco-friendly their home is. People are taking a number of steps to be more eco-friendly, like installing solar panels, but one of the most interesting trends has to deal with natural pools. These pools are a blend of regular pools and natural water plants that help filter your pool. Their construction is a little tricky, but it makes your pool a part of nature and also makes pool maintenance easier since plants end up filtering your water instead of chlorine.

Imagination Expanded

Perhaps the only thing your pool needs is to be a little bigger. One of the most exciting trends surrounding pools has to do with its size. A large pool can not only accommodate your entire family but could also be great for little soirées on those hot summer days. Furthermore, a large pool offers you more room to exercise. Now, you are going to have to start pool construction Annapolis MD early in the year so that it is ready by the time you need your pool. Be sure to talk to a professional pool contractor to see about scheduling and the amount of space you have.


Another thing people are loving is the combination of a jacuzzi and a pool. The idea is to separate the large pool you have into two sections, or just build a jacuzzi near your pool. This should make it a lot easier to relax in the water in a number of ways. For one, those who like to exercise can use the jacuzzi to soothe your muscles once you are done with your exercise routine. You have to make sure to talk to a pool contractor to help you figure out how to set up your jacuzzi and pool so that it looks great.

Now, you know a few ways to update your pool. Of course, this just represents some of the changes you can make, but there are others like adding night lights or other accents that can liven up your pool. Do not be afraid to use your imagination when redesigning your pool. Hopefully, some of these ideas help guide you in the right direction.


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