A person shuts their car door, then realizes their keys are still in the ignition. An individual begins to unlock their mailbox or front door with their key and it breaks. These are some of the reasons professional locksmithing services exists. However, professional locksmiths also perform other duties many people don’t think about until they need them.  
Locksmith Cut Keys for Customers  

A professional locksmith can cut keys for customers. Cutting keys means they make a new key. The new keys can fit any particular lock including a cabinet, garage door, padlock and backdoor.  

Locksmithing Services Includes Security Safes 

The purpose of a security safe is to keep items hidden from people. Sometimes the safe may break, the combination may be forgotten, or it needs a new lock. In these situations, a locksmith will help. They can open vaults and safes. They repair safes. They install safes. A customer can even purchase a safe from a locksmith.  
Professional locksmiths offer a variety of services such as 24-hour emergency locksmith services. They offer:  

  1. Door and window lock repair: Locksmiths can repair and replace window locks.  

  2. Auto Locksmithing: Some professional locksmiths work on vehicles too. They specialize in making keys for cars. They also repair and replace locks and keys. The install and program car key remote keys. If a car owner does not have access to their car keys, a professional locksmith will replace them.  

3.Work on Security System: Security alarms can be repaired, installed or replaced by a professional locksmith. They typically work on commercial and residence properties.  

  1. Lock Picking: Lock picking involves manipulating the lock pins without using the original key. The process may include bump keying which is the practice of using a specially crafted bump key to pick the lock’s pin tumbler lock. This is a service of customers if they are locked out and in need of a new key.

Commercial verses Residential Locksmiths  

It is important to know whether a locksmith has only works on only commercial property, residential property or both. Commercial locksmiths only work on locks and security on businesses. They may install deadbolts locks on building or security systems in businesses.  

Residential locksmiths offer many different services for homeowners. For instance, they replace and repair interior and exterior door locks. They also provide keyless entry to homes.  

Choosing a Professional Locksmith in Newtown Square 

Choosing a professional locksmith services Newtown Square PA can be a difficult task because there are some many to choose from. Here are some tips to find the right professional locksmith to help. For instance, ask for recommendations from family and friends. They’ve often been in the same situation and can let you know who the best locksmith is in Newtown Square.  

Once you have a list of locksmiths, call them or contact them online. Request an estimate. The estimate should include labor and replacement parts. Do a check of their credentials. It’s important to know if they have any negative ratings or bad reviews.

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