Solar Source is an award-winning company designing and implementing solar panels in commercial buildings and residential homes throughout Florida. Solar Source’s home of solar panel installation Largo FL is filled with a long history detailing environmental and governmental policies. Back in 1984, Wayne Wallace the founder of Solar Source took advantage of the tax cuts involving water heaters and made a business out of it. Though water heaters did not strike interest for long, Wallace took advantage of the sunshine state’s most famous natural powering source and continued offering any service he could find available involving solar panels installations. In the 2000s Solar Source began taking over the solar power industry after a reconciled need for renewable energy and an immediate interest for lowering electric usage following the economic crisis. Now Solar Source is widely known for some of the biggest solar power projects in Florida and across the world. 

Solar Source has constructed solar panels in governmental stations and military bases such as the Orange County Convention Center, the second biggest convention center in the U.S, and the Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay. Solar Source is also recognized internationally for projects in Mazatlán, Mexico and Melbourne, Australia.
Solar Source’s giant success has led them to a long-standing relationship with commercial establishments, but the company remains accessible to residential homes. Solar Source’s slogan relies on the state of Florida as the leading force for solar power energy. Tampa Bay’s residents get up to a 20-year installment plan with Solar Source. All Florida residents get a chance to retain 30% of their solar powered electricity and water heating cost through tax cuts and sell back their leftover solar electricity to the township’s electric company. 

Solar Source primarily offers three main solar power operations including powering an entire home’s electricity, hot water, and pool water use even through those winter months. All three installation projects have the potential of lowering the end of the month’s electric bill cost. An entire home’s electricity can even come to be completely powered by only solar energy. The electric panels attached on the roof of homes attract solar energy then go through a series of electrons to convert into familiar power configuration used to run home appliances and electronics. On their site Solar Source explains the water heating system process through a simple technique. The sun panels pictured on the site are installed on the roofs along with tubes lined up around the roof. Water runs through the tubes above in broad daylight resulting in hot water sliding down into the house’s water pipes or pool. Solar Source claims cost effective plans and quotes for customers. Solar Source’s priorities are electric bill reduction and reduction in carbon emissions usage. They welcome any solar energy project venture requested by businesses or residencies and offer aid in realizing the project. The Florida Solar Energy Industries Association recognizes Solar Source as a top solar power company.


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