If you’re a tenant looking for a new place to rent with your lease deadline looming over your head, you must be looking for a way to relieve some of that stress. The scenario can be similar for a homeowner who has recently sold his house but hasn’t found a good enough place to invest in. In either the situation, you should be tactful and not give into pressure or hastiness. A practical way to manage your situation is to incorporate a self-storage unit into your moving process. Once all your stuff is secured, you can start thinking fresh. A storage unit is the best situation for many whose closing dates do not align with their success in finding a new home. 

self-storage unit is a facility in which rooms of various sizes are rented to customers to store their belongings on a short-term basis. It’s usually a month to month contract. Self-storage is an industry with around 46,000 stations across the United States. Storage utility grows every year, with consumers representing over 10.8 Million households opting for storage units as their preferred method of storage. 

Here are a few tips you should know before renting a storage unit:

1. Decide on What Size is Best for You

It is important to take an estimate of the total space your belongings will occupy. This helps you determine which room size will be better for you, so that you don’t end up paying for extra space. Representatives at the self-storage facility may also help you determine the size needed. Many companies provide a wide range of unit sizes. If you plan on downsizing over the course of time, a company with a range of 30 or over unit sizes can be a suitable option. This will allow you to shift to another unit size conveniently. In addition, some companies also provide high ceilings which gives you more storage space. A 5-by-5 foot unit size is good for a small scale move such as books and small cartons. A 10 by 10 unit will allow storage space equivalent to one bedroom and a 10-by-20 foot unit will allow space equivalent to 3 or 4 bedrooms. 

2. Find Out When to Book your Unit

Once you’ve decluttered your home and have collected all the items worth keeping, you can start packing them away. After your belongings are packed, you’ll gain a better idea of how much rental space you’ll be needing. Usually, experts recommend moving in your stuff as soon as possible. Being organized helps the mind stay stress free and enables you to make better decisions. It is also important to discuss with the storage company how far in advance you can reserve a room. 

3. Climate Control

Storage facilities now come equipped with a range of features to accommodate their customers. Realizing the priorities of every customer, companies provide a climate control environment in their facilities to ensure no item under their protection gets damaged due to trapped moisture. If you plan to store weather sensitive stuff like artwork, photos, and electronics, consider reserving a climate optimized unit. Temperature changes can also affect furniture, so it important to take into consideration the time of the year and the duration you’ll be storing your things for. 

It is best to choose the right company that takes responsibility for the protection and security of your items. Companies with various branches across the United States can prove worthwhile, considering their massive growth. For example, as a new or old resident of Virginia, you can search for self storage facility Mclean VA

Last but not least, thoroughly read through the terms and policies of any company you acquire services from. Policies can vary from company to company and you wouldn’t want to agree to terms that go against your best interests.


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