Have you ever wondered about the strange things that postmen have to deliver? What are the weirdest items that have caused posties to maybe raise an eyebrow?

1. A slave
An African slave named Henry Brown living in America had a dream one night that he had mailed himself out of slavery. One day he decided to make this a reality and on 29th March 1849 he posted himself to slavery abolitionist James Miller McKim in Philadelphia. He got help to climb into a crate and arrived 27 hours later, climbing out of the crate a free man. Almost a Same Day Courier Service!  For a Same Day Courier Service, visit All About Freight.

2. A boy

As a cheap way to travel, in 1913, Mr and Mrs Beauge decided to post their son to his grandmother’s house in Ohio. Sending him via parcel post at a cost of 15 cents and insuring him for $50, they successfully posted their son.  After the postmaster also had to deliver a 14-pound baby by post, he was forced to persuade parents that the postal service was not the place for children!

3. A building

Would you believe that one man, who wanted to build a bank decided that the cheapest way to get his materials would be to have bricks couriered to him through the mail. He packed them 40 per pack due to weight restrictions and sent a total of 2,000 shipments. The Utah postal service was inundated but honoured the delivery, prompting them to change their rules over weight limits per person per day.

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4. A cursed gem

The creepy tale behind this blue diamond is that it was once the eye of a Hindu statue. When Hindu monks realised the precious gem had been stolen, they put a curse on it and all ill-gotten gains from the diamond. In 1958, the stone was valued at one million dollars when it was mailed to the Smithsonian Institution to be added to the National Jewel Collection. Presumably nobody wanted this diamond in their personal collection!

5. Bricks

Sending bricks with no postage paid was a popular form of protest in the past. UKIP experienced this at their head office in 2014 when angry members of the public inundated the office with bricks that the political party then had to pay for. The practice was also popular in the USA before it was banned.

6. A cat

In New York, mail used to be sent along pneumatic tubes travelling at speeds of 35mph to reach its destination. During the opening event, the Post Office demonstrated the wonder of the complex system by sending three items – a fake peach, a copy of the Bible and a live cat! Thankfully, the cat was a little dazed but completely unharmed.

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7. A shepherd’s pie – still hot

A worried mother convinced that her son couldn’t live without her shepherd’s pie posted the dish 450 miles across the country. Apparently, it arrived still hot, but that could just be an urban legend. It’s lucky that the courier didn’t eat it for lunch.

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