The Caribbean conjures up images of beautiful islands, with swaying palm trees, wonderful white sandy beaches, and the deep blue ocean sparkling under an incessantly sunny sky. And the Grenadines and Saint Vincent, a former British colony that since 1979 has enjoyed its autonomy, does not disappoint. Yet when the sun lastly sets, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Casinos proffer the gambling visitor a way of continuing the party into the minute hours of the morning.

There are two Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Casinos, one in the Kingstown Capital, which is found on the largest island, Saint Vincent, and the other at Carenage Bay, which is situated on a small island called Canouan, which is division of the group of islands known as the Grenadines. Kingstown is the capital, chief port, and main commercial centre of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. With a population of 16,500 (2010), Kingstown Capital is the most densely inhabited settlement in the country. It is the centre for the island’s agricultural industry and a port of entry for sightseers. The city lies in the south-west corner of Saint Vincent within the parish of Saint George.

First let’s pay a visit to the capital Kingstown, the largest city and chief port, even though a capital city with just 15,000 populace. The modern capital, Kingstown, was founded by French settlers soon after 1722, although Saint Vincent had 196 years of British rule before her sovereignty. The botanical garden, envisaged in 1765, is one of the oldest in the Western hemisphere. William Bligh, made it famous from the Mutiny on the Bounty, brought seed of the Breadfruit tree here for planting in 1793. At this point gamblers will find the country’s largest casino, the Emerald Valley Resort and Casino, located in Penniston Valley. The casino offers eight table games and 50 slot machines, including two tables of Caribbean Stud Poker, three tables of Blackjack, three tables of Roulette, and at last the dice-based game, Craps. To squander their winnings or help forget the losses, visitors will find the resort has a DJ Bar, an American restaurant, and a whole range of sports amenities including a nine hole golf course, tennis, swimming, horse riding facilities and a 24 room hotel.

The second casino on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is in Carenage Bay, on the island of Canouan, and is part of the Raffles Resort hotel. This deluxe and luxurious establishment enjoys 300 acres of classified grounds and its own white sandy beaches, with accommodation consisting of 156 villas for the guests. The casino is positioned in the Villa Monte Carlo, which additionally offers a ballroom and a gourmet restaurant.

The Grenadines and Saint Vincent is a string of 36 volcanic islands that stretches south towards Grenada, with several palm-lined bays and white-sand beaches where huge yachts bob beside sailboats. The capital city, Kingstown, offers a charming island life with its colonial architecture and tropical climate.

So whether in Canouan or Kingstown Capital, the Grenadines and Saint Vincent Casinos offer a great choice for those who like to try to beat the odds in beautiful and luxurious surroundings.

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