Self-storage is among the fastest growing industries in America. More and more people are turning to self-storage as storage needs increase and people build trust in the industry players. This article will tell you the reasons behind the growth of the self-storage business.

Higher demand

More people are renting storage space for their items even when they have garages that they can use for the purpose. Migration is the highest cause of increased demand for self-storage in America. Changing jobs or wanting to live in a smaller house after the kids have grown up has brought about more people looking for self-storage.

The other reason is an accumulation of stuff easily acquired from online stores. Unlike in the past when shopping was a daunting task, you can now find and buy anything at the click of a button. Therefore, people are finding themselves with more items that require storage.


Self-storage facilities are now located in more accessible places like residential areas, commercial business centers and along routes that people frequently use. They are offering improved move-in experiences. Renters do not have to veer off their usual routes or go far in search of storage space.

Improved designs

Modern self-storage spaces have incorporated architectural designs to improve their aesthetic appeal. They are no longer an eyesore, and you will not see them in deserted, unmaintained yards, as it was common some years back. They are also fitted with temperature control facilities to keep perishable goods fresh for long.

Enhanced security

Some self storage Des Moines IA come with improved security features. Technology allows the units to be accessed through thumb identification buttons, keypads, and swipe cards. Some also have individual unit alarms. Storage Mart is a good example of a reliable self-storage company in Des Moines, Iowa.

More spacious

Renters can move in their goods more easily as most spaces have spacious loading bays that one can drive into. Carrying goods to and from vehicles is easy. Less labor is needed, as the goods do not need to be moved far from the storage units.

Conversion of old buildings
Every town has some old unused buildings. They may have, at one time, housed a company that relocated or closed shop. These buildings are being converted into self-storage units that are increasingly gaining popularity in most towns.

Professional management
The business is now managed professionally, and the customer care is improved. There are informed staffs to assist renters select units that suit their needs. Most of them have a website from which renters can get information and book for units.

Need to stock supplies
Natural calamities such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms are increasingly wreaking havoc on homes. More people are stocking up supplies that can last them through tough times. As more people face the possibility of job loss, they are buying foodstuffs in bulk to store for use in case they do not have a regular income.


High demand from people migrating or buying more items from online shops, increased accessibility, and improved designs have made self-storage popular. Other reasons for the continued growth of this business include units that are more spacious; improved management practices; need to stock up food; and conversion of unused buildings to storage units.

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