No one wants to think about planning a burial service. It is, however, the biggest reality of human existence. Your loved ones will pass away and when they do, you usually want to celebrate their life in some way. Professional funeral homes can talk to you about different options available and even arrange for many of the things to be pre-planned several years in advance. The following are some of the most common aspects to consider when choosing a simple burial service in Toronto:

Many people want their bodies to be cremated. When this happens, there is a memorial service and the body is not present. The family may have the remains present if they wish, or just simply memorabilia and pictures. If your family or the deceased opts for cremation, but is still interested in the formality of viewing the body, you can choose to have a burial service before the remains are cremated. In any case, the cost of a simple cremation service in Toronto can vary based on a number of factors.

A casket is not needed for a simple cremation service in Toronto. There is no specific container needed for handling the remains and you do not have to buy it from the funeral home. You could choose a nice vase or another container that will be kept in your family’s home. If you intend to scatter the ashes in the near future, you could even opt for a more temporary container.

Your family may not be interested in a formal service and, instead, choose to have the body buried in a simple casket. This is often the case when there are not many family members or others who will attend the burial service. This option is also best if cost is a major concern. You could even have a memorial service at a later stage, and a funeral home can still handle all the logistics for you even if there are no formal events.

If you and your family members opt for a traditional funeral and burial service, talk to the decorator about your budget and the kind of resting place you want. While many may automatically think of a casket and conventional ground burial, you could also consider a mausoleum. A mausoleum might even be more affordable, mainly because you do not need to purchase a plot of land and the extra casket is not required. Some fees may be applicable, but these are mostly not prohibitive or ongoing.

A ground burial is perhaps the most common option, but it can easily be the most expensive. A lot of expenses can be added, including a more expensive casket, vault, and more. It is important that you understand your budget limitations, as well as the desires of your loved ones.

When choosing a simple burial service in Toronto, it is always better to talk with several funeral homes in advance about different options and costs. An extensive level of research will enable you to make an informed decision that you will be happy with.

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