Mold is the worst problem, it does not only destroy your house, it is also very dangerous for health. It can cause lungs infections, breathing problems, and asthma and skin allergies. Mold can appear at wet places like kitchen sewerage systems, kitchen pipes, in bathrooms and places where there is not enough ventilation.  If your house is in an area which has a high rate of moisture in the atmosphere, dry walls can also be attacked by this problem. The walls will start changing color or black patched will start appearing on them which will be an indication that your house has started getting affected by mold.

There are two types of mold, Fungus and mildew. Both types are easy to deal with, if they are slight and in small areas, but if the reaction start getting bigger then you will have to look for a mold cleanup company in your area. Fungus will be in white color in the start, but it will change into greenish color after growing. The worst thing about this type of mold is that, it has small particles which can go to other parts of the house with little bit air and they will stick to whichever part of the house is cool and wet and start affecting that part too. To check the severity of mold you can use a screwdriver or anything hard and put in on the floor or whichever part of the house has mold, if it crumbles, it means that the problem is bigger.

It is best to act as soon as you find out about this problem. If it is on the surface under your carpet, remove the carpet at once. Use cleaning mist and spray it on the surface. After that, use a scrubbing cloth to scrub the floor. Bleach is also a good option to clean the mold. If it is hard to make a difference between black mold and dust, use bleach on a little part of the surface. If the area turns white, it means that it has mold, but if it remains black then you are dealing with dust.

Preventing mold is better than dealing with it. To do that it is important to have a good ventilation system in the house. Keep the sewerage system in the kitchen uncovered for at least half an hour a day to let the air pass in the area. If there is even a slight leakage problem, deal with it as soon as possible.

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