When hiring a company to do your tree service such as tree trimming, you want to get everything right so that the job is done without damaging your property. To do this, you need to get the right people for the job.

You can work with credible tree service providers from Vienna, Virginia for an exceptional job. In this article, you will learn what you need to consider before enlisting the services of a tree service company.

Credibility and licenses

Work with a company that has the necessary licenses and credentials. A company whose workers will be coming to your premises has to have offices you can reach in case of complaints. Do not work with an arborist who walks up to you and offers to do the job for you.


Work with a tree trimming Vienna VA company with workers compensation and liability covers. The worker’s compensation cover will meet their employees’ insurance cover should anything happen to them while working for you. Liability cover will cover your property in case they cause damages while on the job. It is prudent to ask for the copies of the insurance policies.


Choose tree service providers with the right equipment for your job. A credible company will decline the job if they lack the equipment the job requires. The right equipment will ensure the work is done properly and within the set time. Do not let them climb up the tree wearing spiked shoes as they injure the tree and leave it wounded.

Employee qualifications

The employees who will handle your job should be trained and experienced. Regardless of what the company promises, if it sends poorly trained and inexperienced workers, you will be stuck with a poorly done job. The workers should do the job well on the first attempt.

Clear estimates

Get clear estimates from the company. Get a printed copy of the contract to ensure they are telling you everything.If they are hesitant about giving you clear estimates, they may overcharge you or add charges for trivial tasks. Agree on all the charges before allowing them to begin work.


The company should provide a list of past clients. Once you have the list, make calls and listen to the opinions of the clients. If there are any complaints from the people you are calling, determine if they involve issues you can overlook, or if they are significant enough to dismiss the company.

Safety clothes and equipment

The occupational safety and health regulations require any worker doing tree service jobs to dress in safety clothes like helmets and safety shoes. Ensure the workers are dressed as they should so that you do not get into trouble with authorities. Work with a company that puts the safety of its workers into consideration.


When choosing a tree service company, choose specialists in Vienna, Virginia, who are credible, licensed and insured. They should have the right equipment for your job and have trained employees. The company should give you a list of past clients they have worked for, and the workers should be in safety clothes and equipment when working on your contract. Have a written contract before letting them begin to work for you.

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