When you are looking for a towing service to transport a disabled vehicle, you may be tempted to contact random numbers from the phone book, or whichever company can reach the location of the disabled vehicle first. However, just like any other service that you search for, you should make sure to evaluate each of your options to determine which company suits your needs the best. Like AutoVillage

If your car broke down, there is a good chance that you don’t want to wait around while you call references. However, there are many things you can do to ensure that your car is in good hands during towing, and when it gets to a repair shop. Here are a few tips to ensure that you hire the right tow truck services Gilbert AZ

Understand Your Situation

Before you call a towing service, you should analyze your situation completely. Take note about as many things surrounding the situation as possible to ensure that you are able to provide the towing service with as much information as possible. This will ensure you get the right estimate, and it will ensure that the company you are contacting is able to help you in the situation. You should make note of:

    • The location of your vehicle
    • The condition of your vehicle
    • Whether your vehicle is stuck
  • Whether there is anything blocking the front or back of the vehicle, which prevents the tow truck from accessing a solid portion of the frame to connect to it.

Where Is Your Car Being Towed To?

Knowing where your car will be towed to is extremely important. For example, will the tow truck be taking your car to your house? Will it be going to the tow yard? Will your car be towed to an auto shop? Many people choose to have their car towed to a service location, so it can be repaired. However, someone who is knowledgeable in repairing their own vehicle may choose to have their vehicle towed home. Great Deals on used BMW X3 cars on AutoVillage.co.uk from this link.

Make Sure the Towing Company Has the Right Truck for Your Vehicle

There are more than three types of tow trucks. However, the three main types of trucks are:

    • Flatbed
    • Wheel-lift
  • Hook and chain

Not all companies can provide each type of truck. However, the condition of your vehicle may require a certain type of truck to tow it. By allowing your vehicle to be towed using a truck that is not suited for the job, additional damage may be done to your vehicle. If you do not ask questions or provide any information about your vehicle situation, preventing additional damage could result in a longer wait.

Contact Your Car Insurance Company

If your car insurance company is involved in repairing your vehicle, or paying for any portion of the towing, you should contact them before you contact a towing company. Your car insurance company may already have an agreement with towing services in your area and may not pay for towing from other companies. 

Ask About Towing Fees and Payment

Before you agree to the terms of the towing contract, make sure that you understand all of the fees associated with towing, and how far the company will tow your vehicle. Make sure that you understand what payment methods they accept so you can ensure the bill will be taken care of. 

When you are looking for the right towing service to transport your vehicle to another location, make sure to ask questions about the services each company provides. You should also ensure that they have the right equipment to tow your vehicle without damaging it worse. While getting the best price may be the ultimate goal, you should take time to ensure that your car is properly cared for and that you will not end up with additional fees for services or repairs.


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