You enjoy having trees in the yard. You are aware of the great benefits of trees, but you should also know when to do tree removal. Knowing which tree to cut is not always as straightforward as you probably think. That is why you want to talk to the most competent tree removal Richmond VA experts. Here are some useful tips to help you know when to call in an arborist.

Remove Undesirable Species

Some species are considered undesirable for various reasons. If a tree is weak and prone to breakage, has roots that damage pavements and lawns; if it is vulnerable to species-specific diseases and insects, or is inherently invasive, remove it. Some of the species you want to eliminate are willows, mimosa, poplars, mulberry, black locust, box elder, and Bradford pear among others.

Remove all Unhealthy Trees

Inspect your trees from time to time to determine how healthy they are. If a disease has damaged 50 percent or more of a tree, have the tree eliminated. An unhealthy tree might continue to survive for years, but you might not like its appearance. Plus you never know when it might fall and cause damage.

Look at the Branches

See if there are large, dead branches on the tree. Trees with damaged tops and branches are dangerous, and you should have them cut down. Sometimes all you have to do is remove crossed branches. If you notice dead limbs on one side of a tree, it could be an indication the roots or the trunk on that side are damaged. Have a certified arborist evaluate the tree.

Check If Small Branches Are Growing From the Tree Base

Such sprouts are an indication of severe tree “stress.” Soil compaction, too much exposure to the sun especially after thinning, or injury from recent home construction activities are typically the culprits. Such growth is a response to the stress; you really should contact an arborist to evaluate the tree.

Trees Growing under Power lines

You should have every tree that is growing into power lines thinned out. The task is a dangerous job; do not attempt to remove a tree that grows anywhere near a power line. You do not want to have a powerful electrical current flowing through your metal ladder, the pruning tool, or your body. That will be devastating — let a professional handle that.

Remove Trees with Hollow and Damaged Trunks and those that Lean

If a large part of your tree is hollow, consider having it removed. A tree with a hollow trunk could continue surviving for years. The reason for this is that the xylem and phloem, the support tissue that feeds trees, are on the trunk’s outer edges. Severe trunk damage is a reason to have a tree eliminated. A tree that starts leaning most likely has weakening roots and poses a danger. Have a professional get rid of it.

Tree removal is a dangerous activity. Always have a certified tree care professional evaluate the trees you feel need attention. Do not do it yourself unless you have the required experience.


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