“Please send me some money!”  Are those words you hear from your youngsters during their college years?  And do they seem to arrive suspiciously around the time of major college events like homecomings, spring break or March Madness?  If they do, then after you play your dutiful parent role and wire the needed money via Western Union you might take a second to find out where that money was really spent.  Think back to your own days in school and remember what you did after receiving money from home.

When your fledging scholar needs cash you can get it to them fastest by using a Groupon coupon code to wire money rapidly and securely.  The money can be sent to directly to your student.  Alternatively, you can wire the money directly to pay an outstanding bill.  Either way you can feel comfortable that you are meeting their request by sending the money directly via Western Union’s secure online site.  And you can be confident in the security and reliability of their transaction.

Of course, your child’s request for funds may actually part of a greater scheme to indulge in some on-or off campus fun.  If you suspect this underlying motive behind the request you might deal with it by sending the money directly to the stated bill payee.  This can assure that the money isn’t spent on some irresponsible youthful endeavor.  A strategy certain people use is to have the bills emailed to your home, where you can then wire money directly to pay the bills in question.  You can send a separate amount of “spending change” occasionally to help cover daily living expenses.  This latter approach may assure that the money is spent responsibly, but it is frowned upon by some (including your student!) since it takes away some of that fledging independence so desired by college students.  A more unique strategy might be to ask your student to use some of the money sent to get you some space in a hotel so you can take part in the festivities.  You might even send a Groupon coupon for them to use to reserve your hotel room and add the amount to the total that you send in your wire transfer.  This guarantees that you are not left out when the festivities begin!

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