Always a bridesmaid, but never a bride. You’ve heard that saying many times before, but that doesn’t mean that being a bridesmaid shouldn’t be fun and rewarding too! For the friend who’s always been by your side, and who’s now going to be by your side during the biggest and most important day of your life, this is a wonderful opportunity to really show your appreciation for the friendship that your bridesmaids have given to you over the years. Now, maybe they won’t understand the style of bridesmaid dresses that you’ve picked out for them, but you know that they’ll wear them with style, grace and a smile on their face. And with that being said, there are many smart, unique and affordable bridesmaids gifts that you can purchase for the very best of your friends on the very biggest day of your life.

1 – Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Picture Frame: Remember the good times with your good friends – forever – in a stylish and beautiful picture frame. Now, unlike other picture frames, a personalized frame allows you to add a personal and memorable touch. Once you place your favorite photograph featuring your bridesmaids, you can have the frame inscribed with their names or a memorable or important phrase to your friendship. Additionally, a personalized bridesmaid gift picture frame is also an affordable way to say thanks.

2 – Organic Tote Bag: What girl doesn’t like to shop? With an organic, environmentally friendly carrying bag, you can be thrifty, stylish and green at the same time. With an organic tote bag, you can actually have the initials of your bridesmaids stitched directly onto the pocket flap of the bag itself. And, if you want to create an even stronger personal touch, you can fill the tote bag with gifts, beauty items or other goodies which you know will bring smiles to all of your bridesmaids faces.

3 – Circle of Friendship Bracelet: If you’ve been friends with your bridesmaids since you were all little girls, then chances are you’ve made a friendship bracelet or two for each other over the years. So, why not give them something new by utilizing an old, tried, tested and true idea? Circle of friendship bracelets are adorned with sparking crystals and breathtaking freshwater pearls. However, even though they look like a million bucks, they’re actually quite affordable. Plus, you can also engrave your bridesmaid’s initials into each bracelet to make it truly her own.

4 – Cowgirl Pub Saloon Sign: If your bridesmaids just happen to also be party girls or cowgirls at heart, then a old-fashioned cowgirl pub saloon sign just might be the ticket. A stylish and unique gift idea that looks like it came straight from the old west itself, you can have both the first and last name of your bridesmaids etched directly into the sign itself, to give it that authentic “made specially and specifically for her” appearance.

There are many great and different cheap bridesmaid dresses out there that stray from the tried, tested and true gifts that many people immediately think of when it comes to bridesmaids gifts. Remember, even though your wedding day is definitely your special day, you’ve chosen your bridesmaids on the basis that you want them to share this day with you. So, when it comes to thanking them for all the years of friendship and loyalty that they’ve given you, think outside the box with these different, fun and funky bridesmaid gift ideas.

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