Phone heating up is the commonest complain that is heard from almost all Smart Phone users. Unless handled with care, phone heating is unavoidable. There are various ways how this could be prevented and at least controlled if not stopped.

Few causes

To start with, avoidance of direct sunlight to the phone helps very largely. Constant high heat can cause serious damage to the Central Processing Unit of the phone and its battery. The direct effects are sudden shut down of the phone, damage to the battery, chances of not being able to restart the phone. For the phone to retain a serious amount of heat is normal, and one of the ways to avoid it is by fanning it. However ridiculous the idea is, it helps the battery to cool down along with the inner functions of the phone. could be used to purchase phones which have a good battery life. Avoiding immediate change of temperatures is not recommended either. This may cause further battery damage than anticipated. There are various cheap good quality phones available on vouchers which assure good quality heat cooling systems.

It is very important to uninstall and remove unnecessary applications. These junk apps are not used on a daily basis and thus just occupy extra space on the phone, making it slower than normal and lagging. The phone’s system too experiences workload.

Shooting up the brightness of the phone leads to more baggage to the phone, again affecting the overall temperature of the phone. A glare screen protects largely helps in avoiding this and thus protects the phone.

Keeping the phone switched off or on flight mode, unless there are emergencies, of course, is a great idea to keep a phone safe. While sleeping for example, unless an urgency or emergency anticipated, it could be kept on flight mode. Whether the phone is bought on a low budget sale or in usual price, these common points of protecting one’s smartphone are common.

Taking off the phone case, which is often bulky also helps to cool down the phone fast. This again brings back the phone to its usual temperature much faster. Stacking one’s phone with other gadgets which are running leads to further damage to the phone and its CPU. There is a good level of heat transfer which occurs, damaging the phone. So, make sure to segregate your gadgets even if it irritates you to do so.

Another way to avoid phone heating issues is by backing up your data into an external device from time to time even if the memory of your phone is high. This helps in keeping the phone at an optimum temperature and thus in good working condition.

Keep the malware away

One of the necessities of using a phone or computer is by installing a good anti-virus software. Threats and malware greatly affect the normal functioning of the phone, and thus it is mandatory to have one. There are great offers and deals on anti-virus software available nowadays.

One of the basic tips that a Smartphone user should follow is that it should be treated as a machine. Overuse of anything leads to disruptions in its normal functioning and this applies to phones too. It is not a gaming device or a DSLR to shoot with the entire day. A phone has a compact structure which is made to take care of various functions, and gaming for the entire day is definitely not one of them.

A few hacks

A few tips which could efficiently be used to make sure that your phone is running smoothly without any heating issues is to abide by the basic laws of not damaging the battery or doing anything which may lead to it. Don’t buy phones which promises extraordinary features for its price or lesser known brands. The possibility of the phone to get spoilt is faster. Avoid usage of your phone for a prolonged period. We have other devices to serve that purpose. Make sure to fan your phone in case you find any temperature difference. Keep your phone away from bulky covers and take it off when you feel that it is damaging or heating your phone. Usage of screen glares is a good option too. Keep your phone away from direct sunlight and very abrupt temperature changes. Once the battery starts acting funny, the possibility of reverting your actions get impossible.

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