Facebook has options for many purposes if you know how and where to look for them. There is a reason why the social networking platform has become a force to be reckoned with. There are many features that can help you with one key factor that is important in helping you grow your brand. What is that? Research. While browsing through your newsfeed and getting updates on what is happening on other accounts, you can look out for things that will not cost you anything and not take you too much time apart from helping you get the right research. Here are some of these methods and how they can help you out.

Saving Posts and Articles for Later

Number one on the list is paying attention to those articles you can cite in your content or use as backlinks. Basically anything that you see of interest and is actually verifiable when you fact check it, you can use. If you are browsing and are worried that it will just disappear, never to be seen again you can use the save post feature to ensure that the particular post that you are looking at gets saved for later use. What’s more, you will even get reminders on your Facebook account so that you know there are posts that you have saved for later reference.

Get the Right Audience Insights

One of the best and first page development strategies that you can take up to ensure the brand grows on social media marketing is to pay careful attention to the audience insights. These will allow you to carry out highly targeted posting and boosting. This can also help you save money and help you with targeting the correct audience for your business. The insights that are present on Facebook will give you a monthly report or weekly report of the demographics of your audience like age, gender, nationality, the best times to post and share and the like. Use this to your advantage.

Invite People Who Engaged With Your Posts to Follow and Like Your Account

If you have just started your business account on Facebook recently and want to do some research on how you can increase the number of people that follow your brand, get a good look at the users who happened to engage with you by liking, sharing or commenting on your posts before. All you need to do is go to the posts that you have shared and scroll till you see that small link where it gives the names of two or three people right next to the reactions with a number. Click on that and the entire list of all the people who liked, commented or were tagged or shared in your post will come up. Scroll through this and if you see anybody who is not following your brand, add them on and send them a request. It’s a great and easy way to actually ask people to follow you due to their interest in your brand.



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