Certifications in testing field evolved more lately as compared to other fields in the IT sector. There still remains a main question: Is a certification for Software testing necessary? Well, answers differ with many people supporting it and many others who don’t. This is the case with all other certifications and not with the testing certification alone. Here we shall talk only about the ISTQB Foundation level certification.

ISTQB foundation exam covers the basic concepts of testing. The members of the certification provider are renowned individuals who have many years of experience in testing. It is intended for all types of professionals who require minimum knowledge in testing field such as test engineer, test designers, test analysts, test consultants, test managers and IT professionals. There are many people in an organization that would also need to know all the basics of testing such as developers; who indulge in unit testing of their code, business analysts; who are involved in integration testing, user consultants; who are involved in user acceptance testing and also project managers and quality control managers.

It gives a base knowledge about how to implement concepts in practice. Below are the few outcomes of attaining a certificate in ISTQB Foundation:

  • Using common terminology across the project.
  • Understand the testing concepts and the principles and different test approaches to support test objectives.
  • Analyzing both functional and non functional specifications and be able to prioritize testing based on the complexity.
  • Write clear test cases without any ambiguity.
  • Familiarize with new tools and techniques which can be used for testing.
  • Execution of tests as per the test cases and be able to analyze and report the findings.

We can see that there are a lot of techniques and concepts that can be learnt from the foundation level course. While these are the benefits at the knowledge level of earning a certificate, let’s see if there are any other benefits apart from these.

It is a globally recognized certificate which spans across 70 countries making it very popular.

Certifications definitely give that extra edge over others and for individuals who are in their early career stages as a software tester; the foundation certificate is a very useful one. Apart from understanding the concepts clearly, having the certificate improves your CV value. Survey shows most of the test managers prefer that at least 75% of their candidates with ISQTB foundation level certificate to be part of their team.

Though salary hike may not be proved, many believe that having a foundation level certificate helps them with their career growth. People who don’t have an IT related background or degree can prove to their employers that they are knowledgeable in their fields.

Organizations can consider people with certifications for a promotion or salary hike combined with your on job performance. It gives a notion to the employees that a person with a certificate is very dedicated in his career.

Foundation certificate also motivates individuals to grow in their careers. With the foundation certificate being a pre-requisite for further examinations, individuals can set their goals to grow in their career by clearing the rest of the exams.

It may not guarantee you a job, but it will definitely increase the options available to evolve in your career. Many people strongly believe that you can prove your worth better at a workplace if your basics are strong. Companies also believe that having a foundation level certificate in testing adds value to the organization as they can increase the productivity by implementing the processes they learnt, effectively at the work place and guide others for the overall success of the project.

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