Most industries use clutch parts and heavy machinery. The consumers are recommended to buy machines that can serve a wide variety of functions. During the production of the heavy machinery, it is advised that the repair, manufacturing, and installation needs are considered. Some equipment with heavy machinery include stationery and mobile power units, cranes, dredges, marine units, rock crushers, drilling rigs, and tub grinders. The heavy machinery is applicable in different areas as depicted from K&L Clutch and Transmission. They include air clutches, brakes, power takeoffs, torque converters, coolers and heat exchangers, torque fluids, and service and repair parts.

Air clutches 

They are available in various forms like Oil states Pneumatic clutch, WPT Power Grip PO clutch, and the Twin disc PO clutch. An air clutch contains an engine that is found near the flywheel. It is made in form of plates with an aim to receive and transmit power. Most of the heavy machinery contain the Power Takeoff and the shaft. 
Compressed air is used in the machine to engage or disengage it from the component. Their clean and low maintenance systems make them be preferred over other equipment. To avoid leakage, the fittings should be maintained. Furthermore, an individual can understand how heavy machinery functions when he recognizes its basics. Troubleshooting problems can further be avoided when an operator interprets how an air clutch functions. 


They are available in various forms namely caliper, water cooled, and low inertia clutches and brakes. The calipers are supplied to various markets namely energy, forestry, marine, and industrial. In addition, they possess numerous features namely a designed maximum power, easy maintenance, and minimal response requirements. 

Low inertia clutches are made for the stamping equipment. Their torque is static, and it ranges from 2.340 to 1,301,800 Nm. The water-cooled brakes are designed to meet applications that contain severe heat. They are then cooled using a coolant from a cooling system that is either open or closed. Applications that require huge thermal loads use the water coolants. 

Coolers and Heat Exchangers 

It is vital for the mobile devices to be reliable, durable, and flexible. They are available in eight forms during installation. They should be mounted in the rear parts of the cooling radiators. 

Power Takeoffs 

They are available in various forms due to the different demands of various industries. The instrument is phenomenal because it transfers mechanical power from one engine to the other. They operate in various parts namely the attachments from the drive shaft, belt, and the pneumatics. 

Cement mixers use the crankshaft-driven method in all their operations. In most tractors, it is located at their back. When large loads need to be offloaded, two or three tracks are recommended in the transmission process. 

Torque Converters 

They are available in different brands. They are efficient because they allow the machine to turn when the wheel is not in motion. Moreover, they are divided into three parts namely impeller, turbine, and a stator. They contain numerous benefits where they allow operations over large volumes in machines like slush pumps.

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