Dubai is considered as one of the most luxurious cities in the world. Amidst tall buildings and grandeur hotels, you can have a glimpse of the exotic nightlife. However, this place is also good for the family as well. Additionally, the pristine beaches will allow you to have the perfect vacations, where you can enjoy under the sun while lying on the sand. Although there are tons of adventures that you can do, it is also a place that is deemed perfect for scuba diving. Each year, hundreds and thousands of scuba divers head to the waters to witness the calm and serene aquatic life. Therefore, if you are looking to dive in the water, then join the club.

We Have Got You!

Among many companies in Dubai, Phoenix Desert Safari Tours win every time because of their most cost-effective and adventurous deals. You can go now to the website and see that for yourself. For any kind of information regarding the scuba diving deals, you can always consult our Professionals.

Things to Consider

  • In case, you are certified diver, there is no requirement of swimming. Our company will assist you with anything that you need including all scuba gear. You can go also get the wetsuit on rental and in case, there is anything else, you can always call us.
  • The minimum age for diving is 12 years. Everyone will be trained about the do and don’ts of diving and once it is completed, you will be taught skills about how to dive in deep waters.
  • It would be an amazing sight to see the marine creatures that will be floating alongside you.
  • You will be accompanied by experienced divers; therefore, you can remain sure that you are safe.
  • You need to remember that for your own safety, you have to fill in the medical questionnaire.
  • You need to know that there will be no cash refund and that you have to pay in advance in order to confirm the booking. Once you have done that, you have to submit the voucher so that you can go through further processing.

Save your Money!

The best part about this trip is that you will get 150-minute scuba diving experience at mere 199 AED. Therefore, there is no need to wander around searching for companies to help you regarding this matter.


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