Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of saw blades? Saw blades are designed to work best when used for a specific cutting operation. The two most basic operations are cross cutting and cutting along the grain. In this article, you will be provided with some basic information which will help you make an informed decision when choosing saw blades in Toronto.

Let’s discuss some major parts of a saw blade.

The bore is the hole in the centre of the blade. The bore should match the size of the arbour on your power tool. It should fit snugly or the blade will not run true.

The body is the steel plate that the blade is made from. Low cost saw blades are made from low quality steel. Expensive saw blades are made from higher quality steel and will function with more precision and reliability.

The teeth are the points on the circumference that cut the wood. Most saw blades in Toronto have tungsten carbide tips attached to the tooth. Tungsten carbide saw tips offer resistance to abrasion and impact. The higher the quality of the tungsten carbide tips, the longer the tips will stay sharp. Saws that have a higher number of teeth will cut smoother than ones with fewer teeth. Saw blades having fewer teeth will feed faster and easier than those with more teeth.

Gullets are the spaces in front of the teeth which carry dust from the cut. The higher number of tips a saw blade has, the smaller the gullets will be.

When you are looking to buy concrete saw blades in Toronto, there are several important points to consider. What type of saw you are buying the blade for is a major aspect to consider. The type of saw you choose will largely depend on how the blade fits into the machine. This will also determine which manufacturer you should be interested in. Some manufacturers may recommend you to buy only theirs, and some manufacturers make it so you have no choice but to purchase their blades.

The next important question that you should ask is what you are planning to do with the saw blade. If you will be cutting concrete, for example, you should ensure there are some diamonds in that saw blade, otherwise you will be wasting your precious time. If you need to cut through wood, you need to consider getting a blade that can rip through the grains.

If you have purchased the wrong blade for the type of work you are doing, you are using the wrong tool. If you are using the wrong tool, you are taking unnecessary risk. You do not want to take risks when you are dealing with a machine that can easily cut your hand into pieces.

When choosing a company that manufactures concrete saw blades in Toronto, it is important to evaluate the company’s reputation in detail. Try to talk with some of their previous clients to learn whether they are satisfied with the quality of cuts made by their saw blade.

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