With the rising need to have a powerful online presence and a well-functioning website, the prominence of hosting services is increasing day-by-day. However, starting a web hosting business entails heavy investments into server infrastructure, server maintenance, the appointment of technical staff, etc. It also requires the business owner to have the in-depth technical know-how of the servers and hosting setup.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Here, Reseller Hosting comes into the picture! With Reseller Hosting, the server space and related hosting infrastructure is rented from a Reseller Hosting provider. The purchased space is redesigned into smaller hosting packages, re-branded and rented out to the end-user. This implies that the entrepreneurs looking to start their website hosting business, but do not have the money and technical know-how for detailed server setup, opt for Reseller Hosting. The server setup and maintenance, security updations, technical support, etc., are taken care of by the original provider. The hosting reseller simply resells the packages and makes a profit.

For instance, suppose there is an entrepreneur XX who purchases a Reseller Hosting account from YY. Now, when XX sells YYs hosting space, it is branded as XX and not YY. In simple terms, the buyer of the Reseller Hosting account now becomes the owner of the space. So, when renting the space to end-users, the server holds the name of the buyer and not the original provider. This is also known as white label reseller hosting.

How To Earn Money With Reseller Hosting? 

As Reseller Hosting eliminates the heavy investments required towards the server upkeep and technical support, hosting resellers can earn good profits if they strategise the business plan well. Now, there could be hordes of methods that help business owners capitalise on Reseller Hosting plans. Yet, there are four considerations that every business owner must adhere while starting and running a Reseller Hosting venture.

  • Do your market research:
    As mentioned above, there are many hosting service providers, and some of them may be long-standing and widely trusted. In such a situation, a new hosting company might find it hard to sustain. Hence, before setting out on the journey of running a website hosting company, it is important to perform in-depth research of the entire market, find areas or platforms that would help attract customers. Choose an attractive brand name, price your plans competitively, find your niche target group, offer customised hosting platforms, market your brand through social media and ensure relevant and best-in-class features to your customers.
  • Scale Effectively:
    Once you have done the required research and set up a smooth-running hosting reseller business, scale up all of the resources effectively and manage the growth of the business. Depending on the requirements and business needs, one can purchase additional or larger hosting reseller plans to map the same.
  • Avoid Selling More Than Desired:
    One of the common mistakes committed by the majority of the Reseller Hosting account owners is selling more than their allocated space. This not only disrupts the performance rendered but also forces customers to leave the hosting plans and make a switch. It is advised that while offering plans and allocating server space, a minimum of 30% space be reserved. This is done to facilitate the efficient running of the websites in case the traffic count of any of the existing customers rises.
  • Exceptional Customer Experience:
    Finally, the last yet crucial element is the level of customer service rendered. In order to make sure that the business not only attracts new customers but also retains the existing ones, it is important that the customers are provided 24*7 technical support and customer assistance services. Ensure that you buy your reseller account from a provider that offers round the clock support.

Final Word

Reseller Hosting gives users the ease to create their own brand and kick start their journey towards running a successful website hosting business. However, it is easier said than done. Follow the aforementioned tips to maximise profits and make the most of your Reseller Hosting account.

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