What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a Virtual Private Server or virtual servers. It is a service that mimics a dedicated server in a shared hosting service environment. It is a combination of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting is one of the few types of web hosting account you can choose from to host for your website online. To have a website on the internet, you should have your website files on the webserver. Setting up and managing servers can not only be costly, but it is difficult as well. Purchasing web hosting allows one to rent space on a web server, making it easier for the average person has an online host of a website because all they need to do is upload the files on their website.

VPS hosting is like you are staying in an apartment. This means that other people live in the same building, but you have a secure residence. You will get more space and fewer restrictions than those living in a dorm. It also means that if your neighbor is naughty, it is a matter of building owners, not yours. Similarly, in the case of VPS, some users use the same server, but they are isolated from one another. It means that no people will be affected by how many other resource uses. You’ll get more speed and security you need without compromise. It is almost a perfect scenario because you will have the benefit of a private server with shared service costs.

Why VPS Hosting is different from the Shared and Dedicated

With a dedicated server, you rent an entire server. It is optimal for people who have very high traffic to their website or need to set up their servers in a particular way. Not everyone needs to have a dedicated server yet. If you start with your website, you can save a bit of money if you rent a small portion of the server. Shared hosting is when you share a part of the server with other users than the rent the entire server for yourself when you need it. If you consider a dedicated server and are not sure if it’s right for you, you can go with a VPS hosting.

How is VPS hosting work?

Virtualization technology is excellent service which is divided into the virtual private server. You can take as you have one piece of physical hardware that functions as a separate server. Although the physical server is shared, there is an element of privacy with the service. The virtual server that you use will be reserved just for you. You will not have to share your CPU, RAM, or other data.

Benefits of using VPS hosting

  • Scalability

Depending on your changing business needs with VPS hosting, you can scale up and down can be done easily and quickly without any interruptions.

  • Security

Because a VPS is separate from other users on the same server, they cannot access resources dedicated to you. The security of your server is in your control. You can install a firewall and additional security tools without worrying about other virtual servers.

  • Cost-effective

VPS solutions are much more affordable than dedicated hosting because it uses the same basis of shared resources. A basic VPS plan with the resources needed to start and manage a website that is reasonable on a budget.

  • Reliability

When you consider the VPS, it’s good to know that the resources of individual remote users from others. It means that the tasks executed on the server will not affect your website or application performance.

  • Full control

You have complete control over the virtual private server. Server operated on user needs, and you are free to manage your server you want. You can configure the VPS to your needs. VPS management is really in your own hands, but if necessary, technical support is there to help you.

Best VPS Hosting Providers in India

HostingRaja is a well-known premium hosting provider based in India. The HostingRaj uses the best virtualization platform such as KVM, VMware for Linux. The company provides the best customer support service and also provides a FREE SSL certificate with Managed Firewall to ensure better security of your website. Backup and Restore HostingRaja provides service for free. The VPS server India comes with an Indian IP Address so that your site can rank better in search engines. They also offer a better speed guarantee (when you purchase 6GB and above).


The average VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, but this is not always true. When considering whether you need to move to a VPS hosting, you should focus on whether you can manage the VPS account. But the level of technical knowledge required is different from the regular shared hosting. So we suggest you take the best hosting for your site by considering your needs.

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